Heidi Somers’ Operation Booty 1

A little background of Heidi Somers and how I came across her YouTube channel.

Heidi is a sportsperson and a popular fitness Youtuber.

She’s been an inspiration for so many of us who want to achieve the fit hourglass body that she now has.

She shares her workout and diet tips through vlogging and like many of her audience, I’ve followed and seen great results!

I was doing some research on the workouts that will help shape up as well as bulk up the butt. And I stumbled across her videos.

After having watched several of her videos and found them to be very helpful and motivating and inspiring, I’ve started to follow her exercise and diet plans, and I’m surprised at how quickly it works! I’m seeing results within days.

The info she gives out is so genuine that I feel like its the missing key to seeing the results that I wanted with my fitness goal.

And I hope you will enjoy them as well. So be sure to take out your pen and paper and start taking notes guys!

So here’s the video log number 1 on ‘Operation Booty by Heidi Somers’


For beginners

If you’re a beginner at weight lifting, you don’t need to follow Heidi’s exact plans. Instead, do some basic exercises that target your glutes.

The following basic exercise by Natalie Jill is perfect for those of us who just got started and/or prefer to workout at home.


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