Why is Collagen Important in Natural Breast Enhancement?

What is collagen?

Although known for its use in creams or beauty treatments, collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies and an essential component of bones, ligaments, tendons, cartilage and skin. It is also part of the wall of blood vessels, eye cornea, dentin, and scalp gums and connective tissue that surrounds and protects our muscles and vital organs.

Like all proteins, collagen is composed of long chains of amino acids. In collagen, these strings are wound and linked causing thick strands called fibers that provide strength and flexibility to our tissues.

As we get older, the production of this protein generated by cells is reduced.

By the time we hit 40 years old, the production of collagen is lowered by half when compared to how much collagen production there was during our adolescence. This is the start of the aging and loss of flexibility of the tissues.

This aging can be slowed down by consumption of food that is high in protein and collagen.

Foods that are high in collagen are meat broths and fish, and jellies, as well as some traditional dishes such as tripe or trotters. However, in reality, we fail to eat as healthy in order to receive enough nutrients and the required amino acids.

Furthermore, not all the collagen we eat is used by the body as effectively and quickly. Collagen is a large molecule and complex and therefore can be poorly absorbed by the digestive system.

Quite often eating foods that are high in protein in large proportions may even cause difficulties in digestions, causing bloating and discomfort.

In addition, many of the foods that are high in collagen have undesirable nutritional profiles for a daily diet; either they are high in fat (sausage) or sugars (gelatinous desserts).

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What Does Collagen Have to Do with Natural Breast Enhancement?

Collagen is a fibrous protein that forms a connective tissue that gives skin support. A protein substance that is like a glue and unifies skin tissues and helps maintain its structure and thus give a youthful look.

This is believed to give more firmness, perkiness, and elasticity to your breasts. (If you read about Chiyomilk’s program the lady who grew from Cup B to Cup E naturally, she includes collagen in her program as well!)

Numerous scientific studies, carried out by research teams in different countries, have shown that taking daily 10 grams of highly digestible collagen (pre-digested or hydrolyzed  helps nourish and regenerate the tissues of our body whose structure consists of collagen, especially the joints, bones, and skin.)

Clinical studies have proven that also helps to reduce the joint pain caused by wear, loss of bone density and skin wrinkling (see “Scientific studies”).

From pre-menopausal women, athletes, seniors or with diets low in animal protein, overweight, sedentary habits or conduct work load weights are risk groups should supplement their diet with highly digestible collagen.


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