High Definition Makeup

When TV went HD, so did makeup. Richly pigmented shades and finely milled powders became necessary to hide newly revealed flaws on stars and reporters alike. The new makeup did not technically have to be formulated as high definition makeup; many makeup artists simply located “regular” products that yielded a flawless look even in HD.

In fact, some makeup artists do not prefer HD makeup, finding some brands too heavy to yield effective results on film. Others are loaded with so much silicone that they wear off too quickly.

Nonetheless, several cosmetics lines have released high definition makeup for the general public; and most of their products look just as good to the gaze of an ordinary observer as they do through the more discerning eye of a camera.

High Definition Foundation and HD Powders

HD foundation makeup is strong in pigment; it must be blended quickly and seamlessly with a sponge or brush to avoid looking thick and fake. Applying the makeup to the center of the face and then blending outwards in a starburst pattern often gives excellent results. Be sure to check HD foundation colors in sunlight before purchase; because just like any other foundation, they can have weird overtones of peach, pink, ash, or green.

The makeup diffuses light, which results in softening of blemishes and lines. The skin will look made-up, however; high definition cosmetics do not give a particularly natural look. Slightly dampening the blending sponge before application will of course make the finish less opaque.

These foundations are generally free of oil, so drier skin types will need application of a primer or moisturizer first. Cosmetics salespeople often claim that the foundations cannot be worn at all without a primer, which is simply not true. Note that cheap drugstore primers have the exact same silicone-rich formulations as do expensive department store primers; so if a primer is necessary, it does not need to cost a fortune.

The powders are finely milled and provide a beautiful finish, but some contain so much mica or other shiny particles that they may actually look odd in daylight.

One of the best HD foundations is from Makeup Forever, which offers a huge variety of shades and does not streak or fade. It is best applied with a sponge, as it dries fairly rapidly and a brush can leave streaks. Its only drawback is the pump dispenser, which can waste product if the consumer is not careful.

Other good HD foundations and powders include those from Cargo, Smashbox, Dior, and Givenchy. They are not inexpensive by any means, but a little goes a long way; so they will not have to be replaced as often as many other types of makeup.

High Definition Blush By Makeup Forever

Makeup Forever has always been a terrific line, but their colors are sometimes too bold for casual situations. Their high definition blush avoids this problem, coming in 15 shades that range from petal-soft pink and sheer peach to bright fuchsia and deep wine. Again, the pump applicator is somewhat wasteful; but the stunning range of colors is worth the slight aggravation.

The blush is in a cream formulation, so oily or acne-prone skin types may wish to avoid it. The appearance of dry patches may also be exaggerated, so consumers with dry skin should moisturize prior to use.

High definition makeup is currently more expensive than ordinary makeup; but as drugstore lines start to release their own versions, even a consumer on a tight budget will be able to experience the flaw-minimizing, almost airbrushed look of HD.

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