High Profile Breast Implants

The profile of a breast implant is the amount of forward projection off of the chest wall versus the width of the implant base. There are three basic profiles that are associated with breast implants. They are the moderate, moderate plus, and the high profile breast implants.

The way to describe these profiles better is if you think about an M&M but think about the amount of chocolate that is being filled inside the M&M. A moderate profile would be a regular looking M&M. A moderate plus profile would be a cross between and M&M and an egg. And, high profile breast implants would look like eggs. The higher the profile, the more projection the implant would get meaning the more perky the breasts would be.

Implant Profile

Credit photo to DrConnall.com

High profile breast implants jobs have the same amount of volume to them as the standard breast implants but their base is smaller which allows the volume to be projected forward. This gives the breast a more natural look.

Woman come in many different shapes and sizes and just putting any implant into the body would not be proper. Standard breast implants and high profile breast implants need to be fitted just as a bra needs to be fitted. The doctor has to think about the width of a woman from arm to arm and also think about the profile that a woman would have. If you have a woman who is a larger woman from arm to arm, the high profile breast implants would probably not work for her due to the fact that the implants would not help to extend the breast to the side of her body making her contour not correctly placed.

The same factor is true for a small frame woman also in the fact that standard profile implants may not be correct and she would have to have the high profile breast implants. This is because the standard implants may make her breasts seem like they are under her arm pits and would be too large for her size. All of these factors need to be in conjunction with the shape and size of the implant.

The high profile breast implants basically need to be used by woman who have thin frames in order to make the implant project out instead of to the sides. All of this is very similar to a woman with normal breasts. When she is not wearing a bra, unless her breast are perfectly perky just like the high profile breast implants, her breasts would fall and lay and have more of a laid down type of affect. When she puts on a bra, the bra puts them back into the projected shape of a breast. The high profile breast implants keep the shape of the breasts with the bra on.

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