Hoodia Gordonii Supplements for Weight Loss

Grown in the arid desert areas of South Africa, Namibia, and Angola, the hoodia gordonii is a cactus-like plant that has tremendous health benefits. While the plant has been used for other health purposes for many years, only recently have scientists and researchers discovered the weight loss properties that make hoodia famous.

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As with any other weight loss discovery, the interest in hoodie has increased dramatically and pill tablets are now available for purchase in many locations.

What is Hoodia Gordonii and How Does it Work?

Despite resembling a cactus, the hoodia gordonii plant is succulent and provides plenty of nutrients to those who eat them. For centuries the indigenous populations used hoodia gordonii as a natural remedy for indigestion and small infections. However, the use of hoodia for appetite suppressant by the indigenous population has garnered the most interest in the past few years.

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The plant helps humans lose weight through the use of a natural appetite suppressant, which lowers the chance of high calorie consumption throughout the day. In fact, a study on rats in 2004 indicated that those who had the hoodia gordonii ate less than the rats that had none of the plant. This is a primary indicator, at least from an animal perspective, that the plant remedy has tangible benefits when it comes to suppressing the appetite.

Nonetheless, men and women looking to lose weight should be careful not to believe that hoodia gordonii can solve their weight problems alone. Far from being the next “magic pill” to lose weight, hoodia requires a complimentary regimen of exercise and healthy diet in order to work properly. Gorging yourself with unhealthy food while taking the hoodia plant is not going to help you!

Still, hoodia is one of the great ways that you can reduce the number of calories that you eat in a day and not feel incredibly hungry as a result. More importantly, it is a natural method that can be a cornerstone of any health conscious person’s diet.

Taking Hoodia Gordonii

Any new supplement that helps an individual lose weight should come with a certain level of scrutiny and hoodia gordonii is no different. Before taking the supplements, it is a good idea to lean about the hoodia gordonii side effects that could vary from person to person.

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Given the relatively young age of hoodia in the western world, few government organizations have approved the use of the product on a widespread basis. Testing has yet to be completely performed and many of the researchers are still undergoing trials as we speak. Therefore, it is difficult to definitively say whether or not there are negative side effects, but a few logical distinctions can be made on the basis of the plant’s composition alone.

First of all, it is a natural plant, which makes it far healthier for humans to take in some doses compared to the chemically altered prescription drug tests. In addition, there has been a long history of human consumption of the hoodia gordonii plant, which makes it seem safer.
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Still, many of the indigenous people who consumed hoodia were not also taking prescription medications that could conflict with the properties from the plant. Those who are currently on blood pressure or other medications should be careful when adding hoodia gordonii as there has been too little testing to know which types of prescription drugs conflict with the plant properties.

Hoodia Results

The results that any user of hoodia gordonii sees is going to be primarily based upon diet and exercise. Even though the hoodia plant can suppress the appetite, this only makes it possible to eat fewer calories without being hungry. The willpower and motivation to eat healthy food and maintain an intense workout regimen is going to be the deciding factor between who is able to lose the weight and who will be unable to do so.

Comparing Hoodia to Other Products

Many of the other weight loss products on the market do more for the body than simply suppress the appetite. Many increase the metabolic rate and change the way the body processes food so that the same number of calories can be more efficiently or effectively used in comparison to those without the supplements.

Despite hoodia’s relatively weak benefits in comparison, it is probably a lot more sustainable to use the hoodia plant than many of the other products that change the biology of the human body. Rather than undergo these types of changes, it is probably best to simply try the hoodia and fit that with a workout regimen that has exercise and a healthy diet as well.

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Finally, compared with many of the other weight loss drugs, hoodia gordonii has yet to be fully substantiated as an appetite suppressant or even a supplement that is healthy to take with other prescription medications. Therefore, the drug has great potential, but without any of the substantiated claims that other supplements have these days, it is very hard to compete. Still, as we have mentioned, it is a very sustainable way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Should You Get Hoodia Gordonii?

When considering whether you should get hoodia gordonii or not, it is necessary to take a look at the other pills that you are currently taking. For those who are actively taking prescription pills for blood pressure, cholesterol, or many of the other modern medications, it might not be a good idea to try this plant until researchers have affirmed or denied the effectiveness. However, if you already maintain a good diet and exercise well, but do not want to change the way your body functions, the hoodia plant could be an excellent natural remedy for your problem.


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