How Long Will The Results Last? When Using Natural Breast Enhancement Herbs

This is one of the most asked questions; is the result permanent and how long / much will you need to take certain herb to see the results?

So here is my answer to the question…

Natural Breast Enhancement Questions

Different people react different differently to each herb.

Some people might start off the program being an estrogen-dominant person will see better results with herbs that are not high in estrogen. (Saw palmetto, Wild Yam, Peppermint, Spearmint).

Whereas for most of us, taking powerful phytoestrogen herbs like Pueraria Mirifica, Maca, or Dong Quai will see better results.

The key is to know your cycles and work with them. See this post for full details!

Many women can start seeing permanent growth from taking powerful phytoestrogen after just 1 month.

Some people might take a little longer. The important thing is to stick to the plan and observe the changes to your body.

For women with menopause, you can take the phytoestrogen at higher dosage (1500mg-2000mg per day), every day of the month while taking 1 day off per week is a good way to prevent plateau.

Side Effects – Problems you might have with the herbs

Some women experience sudden bad breakouts. It wouldn’t be the strangest thing.

Everytime your body is introduced to a hormonal changes, breaking out is the sign your body gives.

Do not panic! If that happens to you from taking phytoestrogen herbs, combine that with saw palmetto (500mg per day to begin with) and peppermint/spearmint green tea.

Irregular periods can happen when you’re just starting out.

Again that requires you to find out your follicle and luteal phases and start taking the herbs actually to your phases and your periods will become more regular as time passes.

With that said , it is better to be safe so read this article about periods and menstrual cycles and talk to your doctor before taking any type of supplement: http://www.webmd.com/women/tc/missed-or-irregular-periods-topic-overview

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Claire Mier

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