How to Improve Breast Size with Food

If you are interested in learning how to improve breast size without surgery, you will be thrilled to learn that by changing your diet, you can actually increase your breast size and firmness. Moreover, you will also get younger–looking skin and better libido. How’s all this possible? Continue reading…

Can food give you breast enlargement without surgery?

how to increase breast size with food

Increase breast size without surgery with the right foods that are rich in amino acids; they are the building blocks of protein. Growth hormone and protein are the essential part of non surgical breast enlargement program and without it, your breasts won’t grow as much as they should, no matter how many herbs you take.

It is important to note that food by itself cannot induce breast growth. For that you need breast enhancement herbs. You can buy these in many health stores but you need to get the mixture of herbs right or you will see little to no growth. That is why I recommend Breast Actives, this is the product I use myself and it has worked for me. You can read my review here.

What are the amino acids that help enlarge breasts without surgery?

The key amino acids that are in growth hormone are arginine, lysine, and glutamine and they should be added into your daily supplements to speed up the breast growth rate by up to 300% as shown in many studies.

These amino acids can be found in your local health stores, or online. Since they derive from protein, they are safe to use but it is important that you buy them from trusted manufacturers.

Can these amino acids give breast lift without surgery too?

When combined with the chest exercise to build chest muscles, these amino acids will certainly help create perkiness and firmness in your breasts without any surgery. They are great for those who work out and want to build leaner muscles as well.

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What are the other benefits you can get from taking these amino acids?

Apart from helping you get bigger breasts without surgery, the amino acids can slow down the aging process as well as help you burn fat faster by increasing your body’s metabolism as well.

I recommend that you take the amino acid supplement or whey protein together with herbal pills for natural breast enhancement. You should read our 30 day program to bigger cup size for overview on what works to help you get bigger breasts without surgery.

There is also exercise, and massage guides that you will need to do to complete the program. If you are committed to do this and stick to it, you should be able to see noticeable improvement within a matter of weeks.
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What are the other foods that make your breasts grow ?

  • Green leaves and veggies like watercress leaf are rich in vitamin E, folic acid, and Lucien. Vitamin E is among the essential nutrients to help you enlarge your breasts naturally. Vitamin E helps in healthy skin production and prevents stretch marks which will likely happen due to the stretching of the skin as the breast size increases.
  • Saw Palmetto Berry oil has a wide range of physosterols. Many studies have shown that saw palmetto is able to reverse atrophy of the mammary gland.
  • Fennel Seed is abundant source of flavonoids which exert mild estrogenic effects and are completely harmless and non-toxic.
  • Chickpeas, black-eyed-peas, kidney beans, Lima beans, split peas, parsley, lentils – these beans has a high level of natural estrogen compound

These are just a few tips on how to improve breast size with foods. You will be amazed that small changes that you do in everyday life can make a dramatic improvement in your breast size and your health.