Can You Increase Breast Size Naturally With Sound?

Increase Breast Size Naturally Using Sound Waves

 increase breast size naturally with sound

Over the years people that I’ve spoken to would first give me odd looks when I told them that there are ways to increase breast size naturally without the use of surgery of implants. I get it! We all have been misled and brain-washed by pharmaceutical companies and professionals, so well, we trust them over our own better judgements. But lately, something new in the world of natural breast enhancement industry has once again surprised me.

Theoretically, it is through using certain sound waves to trick the mind into manifesting something to the body. I don’t want to run the risk of coming off as  a new-age science geek here.

But don’t you agree that it surely does sound interesting?

Hypothesis 1 is a sound of crying babies can help stimulate the production of milk flow in the milk ducts of a woman’s breasts. The opposing comment to this theory is basically that if it were to work, all the women working in the nurseries would already have huge breasts. No proofs have been shown whether or not it works.

The above video is about a ringtone created by a Japanese man (what is it with people from this country that know so much about NBE? LOL 🙂 )

It claims that the woman who tried listening to the tone for 10 days consistently grew 2 centimeters of circumference. Then again, it could be right before that time of the month? Just a thought!

With that said though, it is worth noting that there are many women who use hypotherapy for natural breast growth and have gotten rather impressive results from it. Not to say that it can happen over night and the results vary from one person to the next. But it’s worth trying it out if it’s free. I’ll look around and find some royalty-free downloadable MP3 for you. Stay tuned!


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