L-Glutamine is necessary for natural breast enhancement?

General information about L-Glutamine

L-glutamineL-glutamine is not one of the essential amino acids, but it may be due to physical changes in the body to be essential. This means that under normal conditions, the body can synthesize sufficient amounts, but during physical stress such as fever, illness, hard training, dieting or chemotherapy, the body cannot meet its needs, and supplementation should be taken to prevent deficiencies.

L-glutamine is not the same as glutamic acid, glutathione, glutamate, or MSG (monosodium glutamate = glutamate).


  • Has proven to be very useful in alcoholism, to improve the behavior of the elderly mentally ill patients, to improve the intelligence of mentally weak children and improves concentration.
  • Is necessary to produce muscle
  • is a precursor to growth hormone
  • is the dominant amino acid in serum and cerebrospinal fluid
  • If a key blank in the healing of colonic mucosa in dysbiosis (disturbed intestinal flora) and reduce healing time for gastric ulcer, reduces the infection of the intestine and provide protection against radiation.
  • strengthens the defense by the body’s white blood cells proliferate and to help the immune cells to eliminate bacteria. L-glutamine’s ability to help the immune system is perhaps its most important function.


What happens if our body lacks the l-glutamine?

Lack of L-glutamine may increase the risk for a range of nerve and brain-related conditions such as alcoholism, mental illness, autism, behavioral disorders, Parkinson’s disease, anorexia, depression, irritability, poor concentration, poor memory, cravings for sweets as well as problems with the digestive / bowel diseases.

L-glutamine levels are low in endurance athletes who train too much. This is apt to suffer from immune system problems type allergies, infections, swollen lymph nodes, and need longer time for healing.

The therapeutic use of L-glutamine:

  • gastrointestinal disorders:essential amino acids
    1. Stomach ulcers when L-glutamine has a healing ability on special mucous
    2. Healing after major gastrointestinal surgery
    3. Allergies and intolerances
  •  Weight loss and exercise
    1. Draw for carbohydrates and sweet in need of weight loss
    2. HIV / AIDS patients have an increased uptake of nutrients and gain weight
    3. Together with L-arginine to stimulate the secretion of growth
    4. After weight training and anaerobic exercise (short, intense muscle work)
    5. Reduce susceptibility to infections in athletes
    6. ADHD
  • Brain and nervous system:
    1. Depression
    2. Schizophrenia and senility in some cases
    3. Memory impairment and low intelligence
    4. Need for protection in cases of alcohol abuse and reduce cravings for alcohol and Sweets
  • Other
    1. Bone marrow transplantation
    2. Weak liver
    3. Improvement of nitrogen balance
    4. Strengthening of the immune system
    5. Prevention of infections in chronically ill patients, few case reports: · L-glutamine reduces intestinal leakage and infections in critically ill patients, supplementation of L-glutamine decreased intestinal leakage, bacteria, infections and toxicity in critically ill patients. Use of oral (by mouth) and intravenous L-glutamine after surgery protects against bacterial infections. Green, LJ., “Intestinal permeability and systemic infections in critical patient: effects of glutamine.” Crit Care Med, 2005; 33 (5): 1125-35

What does l-glutamine have to do with natural breast enhancement?

It is believed to promote better production of growth hormone as well as blood circulation. Better blood circulation promotes the swelling effects of the breasts making them bigger (increased tissue growth).

It is believed to play crucial part in stimulating pituitary gland in our brains to produce more growth hormone, which is important for breast growth. No solid evidence has been shown to support the hypothesis.

Recommended Dosage:

Take between 1-14g per day as needed. Do not exceed 40g per day.

L-glutamine is sensitive to high temperatures and acids, which is why you should avoid taking it to hot or acidic food and drinks.


L-glutamine is essential for growth of cells, including cancer cells. Because cancer cells are also dependent on L-glutamine, physicians are opposed to it to give it to cancer patients. .. In vitro cells (cell culture) show that cancer cells are dependent on L-glutamine. This has however not proved in vivo cells (in living tissue). In fact, L-glutamine has been shown to reduce tumors by 45% associated with cancer chemotherapy. Regardless of tumor size, it has been found that the tumor can take L-glutamine from any healthy tissue. Furthermore, the control group had a 100% infectivity compared with L-glutamine having only 3%.


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