Latisse Eyelash Treatment: Grow Thick Long Eyelashes

Researchers have created the first and only prescription eyelash treatment approved by the FDA to grow lashes. The substance is designed to grow the lashes to a longer, darker and fuller state. Latisse carries an active ingredient called bimatoprost which has also proven to prolong the growth of eyelashes.

Extremely Easy to Use

Latisse is simple to apply and only requires a once a day application. Individuals must gently apply the substance to the base of the upper area of their eyelashes. Patients studied in a clinical trial began to see results gradually over 4-8 weeks. The peak result of Latisse takes approximately four months.

Even though Latisse is a new treatment in the growth of lashes, Allergen researchers have been working on creating the product for many years. Allergen is a pharmaceutical leader with over 60 years of experience in studying and producing eye care products.

The exact mechanism is not yet identified, although researchers believe that Latisse eyelash treatment causes the percentage of lashes to increase. Researchers also believe the substance increases the duration of anagen (also known as growth phase), allowing time for eyelashes to grow thicker, darker and significantly longer.

Brooke Shields Promotes Latisse

Well known actress Brooke Shields has turned to the product Latisse, revealing the positive results she discovered in the eyelash treatment. Latisse decided to sign the beautiful actress to launch the revolutionary eyelash treatment, to share with the world. It wasn’t long after that before the news was spreading from one Latisse patient to another sharing their success stories, as well.

Use Latisse Daily

One thing patients must keep in mind is the importance of continuing to use the product consistently, as once a patient stops using Latisse, the lashes may slowly go back to their original state, once the lashes reach their next eyelash cycle.

With just one daily application, the product is said to be easy to incorporate within an individual’s daily routine. For many women, applying Latisse just once a day seems quite worth the potential results.

Many patients have seen significant results in as little as eight weeks, topping out with full results in 12-16 weeks (each patient may vary). Latisse is designed for those who have an insufficient amount of eyelashes and are looking for a fuller look. The product is FDA approved and is said to have proven its effectiveness. Many individuals, including actress Brook Shields, have turned to Latisse for successful eyelash growth.

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