Long Wearing Makeup for Lips: Lipstick That Won’t Fade

Many cosmetic companies claim that their lipsticks are long-wearing, and there are many different formulas designed to help lips retain applied color. But the various formulations present different advantages and disadvantages. Some of these lipsticks can cake or cause peeling of the delicate skin on the lips. And finding what works best for you can be an expensive trial-and error endeavor. Lip stains, and creamier long-wearing lipsticks are two very different options for stay-put color.

What are Lip Stains?

Lip stains are essentially dyes that are not emollient or moisturizing, but since they stain lips, the color does have staying power. When using stains, it is vital to prepare lips to remove dead skin flakes that can cause to color to be uneven and blotchy. Lips should be exfoliated and dried prior to application.

After the lips are prepared, the stain can be applied. Once the stain dries, it will stay in place for hours, but, since the stain is not moisturizing, lips can appear dry and wrinkled. Gloss or balm can be applied on top of dried stain, but can sometimes cause the color to loosen and make it prone to smearing. Revlon, Covergirl and Urban Decay are just a few of the cosmetic companies that offer lip stains.

Long-wearing Creamy Lipsticks

There are many moisturizing lipsticks that are formulated to be long wearing. They do not last as long as stains, but can still hold up for hours, while keeping lips well hydrated.

L’Oreal’s Endless Lipcolour is a great product that I have used and been satisfied with for years. This line offers a wide range of colors, and although the lipstick is on the drier side, it does stay put.

Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Color is rich and very emollient. It is not as long-wearing as lip stain or L’Oreal’s Endless Lipcolour, but it feels fabulous on the lips, almost like moisture therapy, and does stay in place well, usually only needing a retouch every several hours or after eating.

How to Choose the Right Lipstick Shade

The best way to choose a shade is by actually applying it to see how it looks with your skin tone and over the color of your lips. If you are buying from a pharmacy or grocery store, see if they have a sample that you can try. If not, make sure that you can return any makeup that you are not satisfied with.

A generous return policy is especially important when you buy cosmetics over the internet, because the appearance of the color on your monitor may differ considerably from how it looks on your lips. If purchasing makeup in a department store, there will be samples available for you to try and cosmetic specialists to help you choose the best color and formulas for your needs.

When using sample lipsticks, never apply them directly to your lips, since other women may have. Use a tissue to wipe off the top contaminated layer of sample product. Then use a cotton swab or a lipstick brush that you have brought with you to sample the product.

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