Macrolane – Breast Enlargement Without Surgery

Recent research shows that many women refuse breast augmentation due largely to fear of surgery. So many of the women would like to increase breast volume but neither able nor willing to conquer the fear of general anesthesia.

The challenge of this has been around for over a century in the field of cosmetic surgery. That brings about the demand to discover new treatments that are less invasive and still can give the satisfying results. Currently,  there has been a new and exciting discovery within the field of aesthetic medicine;  a procedure that innovates and simplifies the techniques that had been used so far in the field of body contouring remodeling. The mentioned method is based on the application of a gel substance called Macrolane.

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What is Macrolane?

Macrolane is a hyaluronic acid gel of non-animal origin intended for body contour remodeling. This gel has been patented by Q Med and is based on the same technology as Restylane facial filler global market leader. Unlike the latter, Macrolane gel is indicated for use in the body in order to remodel and volumize.

Macrolane gel is a denser product; a gel that does not disperse and remains longer in the area of ​​application. This type of hyaluronic acid is manufactured using advanced and controlled biotechnology in order to give more consistent physical shape and prolong its residence time in the body. In this way is obtained an innovative product perfectly suited for the restoration of volume on different body parts.

How to apply Macrolane

The procedure lasts about 30-90 minutes, depending on the amount of gel applied, and is performed under local anesthesia after applying a tranquilizing cream. During this time the gel is injected into the target area through a very fine needle. The method is very simple and does not require subsequent surgery or hospitalization. The patient returns to living their normal life after treatment application.

Where Macrolane is legally used

The Macrolane gel is approved by the EU in order to be applied to the recovery of volumes in different body surfaces. The areas of the body can be;

  1. Breasts –  This new technique is used with excellent results in cases of breast augmentation (60 to 100 grams per breast), and for corrections of any irregularities in either breast. The gel is introduced by means of an injection applied between the skin and muscles, which changes the volume and shape of the breast in a very natural and consistent with the patient’s own physiognomy.
  2. Irregularities in the skin. Macrolane gel application gets correct irregularities in the skin produced after liposuction or correct scars that occur after surgical treatment.
  3. Legs.
  4. Buttocks.
  5. Male breast contour (pectoral).

Who is eligible to apply Macrolane

Treatment should be performed by properly trained medical personnel in the art of Macrolane and which in turn have previous experience in implant surgery both permanent and endogenous injections. The choice of a good professional is critical when it comes to getting the best results. The patient should assume that this innovative technique should only be performed by medical professionals suitably qualified in this field.

Duration of Results

Macrolane gel is a non-permanent, is meant to gradually resorbed by the body and disappear. The duration of Macrolane is about two years, and the residence time in the body may vary from a woman to another. Normally after a year patients lose 40% of the injected volume, so it is recommended that you do a yearly tweaking to optimize results.

Macrolane System advantages over other techniques

Injectable gel using Macrolane presents numerous advantages as compared to other techniques.

  • The method does not require surgical intervention whereby the process is considerably simplified.
  • Since its implementation shows the results, which are natural and in harmony with the patient’s physiognomy.
  • Macrolane gel application is without prejudice to the time to diagnose or detect any tumor in the breast area.
  • The patient, after treatment, normal life continues without the need to request time off work.
  • This technique ensures the precise and durable, but doesn’t change the functionality of the breasts – the gel is placed between the breast tissue and the muscle of the breast functionality so the patient may breastfeed without any complication.

Possible Side Effects

Macrolane use is contraindicated in all those that express an allergy to hyaluronic acid as well as in women at the time of gel application are in gestation period or breast.
In conclusion we can say that the use of Macrolane is a major breakthrough in the field of cosmetic surgery since by a simple injection volumes are restored and the size of the body parts can expant. It’s truely promising being able to get great results and minimal side effects. The evidence is over five million treatments successfully performed worldwide.

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