Magnetic Therapy Breast Enhancement Massage

For quite some time, there has been a continuous talk about using magnetic therapy for the purpose of natural breast enhancement. The NBE communities such as Breastnexus and also here on GetCurvyNow have gotten some comments and reviews from many people about its pros and cons. And in this post, we will go into details and really discuss whether this method is worth giving a try.

What is Magnetic Therapy?

Magnetic therapy is the use of magnetic fields, usually by the application of magnets in the body, with the intention of getting any health benefits resulting from the reduction of pain to restore balance in the organism.

The applications (the concept of magnet or magnetic therapy in the sense amp) range from custom to a series of products such as bracelets, creams, supplements, jewelery and other objects or accessories sessions.

It has been speculated on possible mechanisms of action, and the effects of magnetic fields on hemoglobin in the blood, which may increase blood circulation. With that said, further scientific evidence is  required to conclude the measurable benefits from using this method.

The Use of Magnetic Therapy in the United States

In many countries, including the United States, it is prohibited from selling such products (magnetic therapy) claiming health benefits, and the FDA so explicitly.

In fact it is extremely irresponsible as some sources claim it is a treatment approved by this entity, even the Wikipedia page has an associated link that leads to an editorial letter from a person who defends this therapy versus scientific reviews, and cites this as “evidence” of approval.

Does This Mean It Does Not Work?

What I have suggested above does not mean that magnetic therapy does not work at all.

There are studies that suggest that the application of magnetic fields of high intensity “could” serve to treat inflammation and pain for certain afflictions in particular.

What is missing are studies and further evidence for this, to see if there really is any such application that goes beyond the placebo effect (and the latter does not have to look at least as part of such therapies, as to potential beneficial effects on a person).

 So What Does Work?

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Speaking from my personal experience as well as many of my readers, the reliable device for the purpose of breast enlargement is Noogleberry breast pump. Both female and male users have seen positive results from using the device. Some results are no less than impressive. The key is to start slow and be patient. This is to avoid any unnecessary scarring or broken veins. So do small sessions (7 minutes or so) two to three sessions a day for the first week. After using the pump apply Bio Oil to prevent scarring or bruises.

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