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Make-up and Beauty Gifts: Buying Easy and Unusual Cosmetic Gifts as Stocking Fillers

Products which offer pampering are wonderful to receive; especially in times of economic turbulence when most people cut back on luxury. Rather than giving something bland for the sake of it, these can lend a little fun and luxury to the recipient’s life for many weeks to come.

Budget Items and Stocking Fillers

It is easy to find beauty stocking fillers which will be well received and even better used.

Mini nail varnishes are excellent alternatives to pricey fashion items. Try bright or glitter colors for something fun. Lip balms are useful gifts, but often also come in pretty packaging.

  • For a special treat, look for a lip balm made from natural ingredients which will nourish the lips rather than just sitting on top of them.
  • Try Nuxe, Lush, Tui Bee Balms, Nude and EOS for something unique.

Brands such as Muji stock an inexhaustible range of beauty accessories from as little as a few pence. Slick packaging and genuine usability gives these an exciting edge. Everything from disposable applicators to vanity boxes, space age eyelash curlers and hair ties becomes unusual and gift worthy.

Some drug store brands make color products which are cheaper than their boutique counterparts. Avoid basic items and opt rather for seasonal glitter or fun bright colors. Try Barry M Dazzle Dust.


Make-up Junkies

Eye shadows, foundation and lipsticks are easy to buy if desired products are known but if not, give something unique:

  • Shu Uemura make quality affordable lashes. Adorned with feathers, diamante and neon or simple and natural, these offer a slice of glamor. They are great for birthdays, Christmas or any party times.
  • Professional nail polish brands such as Roccoco offer a stunning color palette with gorgeous packaging and high performance . Metallic shades, matte colors and extras such as oils and topcoats make these good gifts for any make-up or fashion enthusiast.


An excellent choice if aware of preferred brands, products and skin condition but it can be hard to get the right skincare products in most other cases.

Balm or oil cleansers suit all skins, especially make-up wearers. They often contain delicious smelling essential oils for a daily treat. Try Nude or . Look for cleansing gift boxes, cloths and limited edition packaging.

Face masks make pampering skincare gifts where a little basic knowledge is known abut skin type:

  • Clay and detox masks are safest to buy for oily skins.
  • Exfoliating, radiance revealing masks are fabulous for all apart from very sensitive skins.
  • Moisturizing and nourishing masks are best left for mature skins.

Luxury Gifts

Having more money to spend on a beauty treat may seem to make things easy but it can often lead down the road of large non-specific gift boxes packed with random toiletries. There are many specific luxury beauty items on the market that would be special to receive.

  • High-spec straighteners are perfect for anyone interested in hair styling; especially as they can curl too. Try GHDs.
  • The Clarisonic is the latest cleansing tool and is excellent for anyone with a skincare interest or general skin issues.
  • Spa treatments could be as inexpensive as a manicure but will still feel like a complete luxury to the receiver.
  • If money is no object, book an appointment to develop a bespoke fragrance with a professional perfumer such as Lyn Harris.
  • Eye cream is a pricey skincare product so easy to go without. However, most people will feel the benefits from a high-tech eye cream whatever their skin types so this can be a useful treat to receive.

Unusual Gifts

The internet is an excellent source for unusual gifts. Everything from bacon flavored lip balm ( store.baconsalt.com ) to genuine Tahitian coconut oil ( www.monoitiki.com ) can be found at the click of a button.

Quirky make-up products are available on the high street from brands like Lipstick Queen. Glamorous yet individual, these items will be useful every day of the week yet are often things that people do not buy themselves.

Christmas shopping

Shops such as Space NK wrap everything beautifully turning even tiny items into something delectable to receive. It not only saves time but adds a little extra seasonal opulence to the gifts purchased.

Seasonal fragrance gift boxes are only a little more expensive than an individual fragrance, if at all, but contain extra goodies like body creams and washes. If the actual scent is too pricey, try getting other products from the range such as a soap, candle or solid fragrance. These all provide luxury without the high price tag of a perfume.

Limited edition seasonal make-up palettes are an ideal gift to receive. Usually offering excellent value, these can contain enough product for a whole year or come in exciting color selections. Christmas bauble metallic shades, party glitter and rich velvet colors abound during the holiday season so this is a chance to pick up something unique.

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