How to make the best out of your breast enhancement cream

So now that you’ve read the benefits of different types of breast enhancement creams, you’re ready to put it to the test? Or maybe you’ve been using it for awhile and haven’t seen the results that you hoped?

Here are our tips to make the best out of the cream:


This is so crucial for many reasons.

The benefits are many; you will get the nutrients from the cream to absorb into your skin better after the dead skin cells are removed. Not to mention that better blood flows to the area will encourage the growth.

On top of that your skin will feel so soft and supple after the scrub. You can use any exfoliating product you might have lying around, be it something that you buy, or a DIY scrub. It can even be the exfoliating brush.

Breast Massage

The girls need some love and attention and the way to give them that is through the good ol’ massage.

Do it before, during and after, because why not. It feels good to do so. Not only does it help with better absorption encouraging them to grow, it’s also firming and shaping your boobies.

Some even say that estrogen receptors in the breasts respond and work better after a good rub. Generally it’s a healthy practice for your breast health. It’s like a regular checkups you can do, should you detect anything suspicious in your breasts to prevent breast cancer.

Heat things up

Now I’m not talking about throwing some hot water onto your breasts

Maybe just a heating pad or a blowdryer to open up your pores before you apply the product. This will also encourage blood flows to the areas. To sum things up, natural breast enhancement is an individual thing, meaning that one recipe works for you might not work for your friends.

It’s something that you have to try and test and do some experiment for yourself. Not everyone is going to have great success on the same program. The key is to give it time, and patience to find out what works best for you.

Combine the products you choose based on the information that we’ve given you and be persistent! You will soon have the body you’ve always dreamed of!

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