Makeup Looks with Cream Eyeshadow

Cosmetics that are cream formulas are great products to use during the winter months. They will provide extra moisture to keep the skin hydrated which will help prevent dry patches from forming. Cream eyeshadows are great products that will not only help keep the eyes moisturized but will also be a great base for makeup looks.

Cream eyeshadows are easy to use and are great for beginners, especially teens. They are also great for day use and can easily be taken into night for a special occasion.

Eye Makeup Techniques with Cream Eyeshadows

Cream eyeshadow eye makeup techniques for every day use.

Cream eyeshadows can be applied with your fingers or with a brush. If using a brush, make sure it is a brush made for cream-based products. Also remember to wash it after each use. This will help maintain the brush and keep the hairs healthy. Usually brushes for cream-based products are made with synthetic hair.

Cream eyeshadow makes for a great base and will help keep other eye makeup on longer. It can be used alone for a natural look or layered for a more dramatic look. Most will have a sheen or shimmer to the product which will give a more youthful look that is not over they top. Cream makeup is great for more mature skin since it won’t collect into fine lines and wrinkles.

Cream Eyeshadow Eye Makeup Looks

Cream eyeshadows are great products to use for a natural day look. By layering them with powder eyeshadows it can create a more dramatic look for evening.

  1. Start by applying a thin layer of vanilla cream eyeshadow from lash line to brow bone.
  2. Next blend a warm cocoa shade of cream eyeshadow onto the lid of the eye. Stop here if you want a simple, fast, all-natural day look. This is a great look for the office or if you just want a little bit of makeup for a quick outing.
  3. For a more intense look, use a powder-based eyeshadow and apply along the the lash line and back into the crease of the eye. It should look like a sideways V-shape. Blend the colors.
  4. Finish the look by adding a corresponding eyeliner and mascara.

Remember that as you layer more eyeshadows on to the eyes it will create a more dramatic look. This look is best for evening and special occasions. It will also be important to let the cheeks and lips remain softer by using softer colors on the rest of the face.

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