Makeup Mistakes That Age You

Is your makeup aging you?

If your makeup is dated, it could be adding extra years to your face. Here are some tips for avoiding makeup mistakes that make you look older than you really are.

Moisturize Dry Skin

As you age, your skin starts to dehydrate, so you need to moisten it daily. Choose a moisturizer suitable for your type of skin. However, be careful not to go overboard in choosing one and don’t hesitate to change brands if your moisturizer feels greasy or makes your skin break out.

Just a Little Powder

If you’re young, powder is fine, but if you’re past age 30, be careful not to over powder, cautions Glamour Girls author and photographer Patrick McMullan. McMullan should know as he’s worked with some of the most celebrated women in the world in his photo studio. For older women, powder should only be reserved for the eyes.

Make sure your makeup is applied lightly. What’s more, if you have even-toned skin, it’s even more vital you don’t use a heavy foundation. Instead, use tinted moisturizers. In addition, use more than one makeup brush, as several good high quality brushes will make applying makeup easier, as well as render a more professional appearance.

Avoid Makeup with Shiny Particles

Use makeup with less shimmer, says makeup artist, Lauren Hutton, who warns women over 40 to take it easy on adding shimmer to your makeup. Hutton started her own makeup company because she couldn’t find the right makeup products for her 40-plus complexion. If you just think about it, it makes sense. Who needs any more attention drawn to all those lines and wrinkles?

Eye Makeup

Colors such as browns, grays, ivories, and beiges, as well as wines are good choices for eye shadows. Select neutral shadows, as well as paler shades for under the brows, being cautious not to draw attention to any crow’s feet, which may be lurking under your eyes.

Stay clear of frosted eye shadow if you’re over 30 because it draws attention to your eyelids rather than your eyes. What’s more, the reflected light (created from frosts) can distort your face. For women over 30, frosted eye shadow only adds more attention to lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Instead, choose neutral mattes, which give a more flattering, sophisticated look, where frosty eye shadow makes can make the skin appear as if it had tiny lines all over it.

As you age, you don’t want black-rimmed eyes. By using a dark-chocolate liner, rather than a black one, you’ll avoid emphasizing fine lines around your eyes.


As you age, your eyebrows thin out and color fades. By using a powder, pencil, or gel you can give them some needed definition. Just remember to apply with a light touch, as well as choose a color as close to your natural hair color as possible


Lipstick color depends on your particular skin tone. But if you have older skin, it’s good to first use a lip treatment or balm to moisturize your lips for a smooth base for your lipstick color. Besides making your lips appear younger, a lip balm will also heal parched, dry lips.

Finally, if you still feel less than confident about your makeup, seek professional help. On the other hand, perhaps you could ask a neighbor, friend or relative who looks great for her age for advice. Besides getting help yourself, you’ll also be making her feel good about herself.

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