Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

In the past, women were usually told to match their eye makeup to the color of their eyes. It should not be a surprise that this did not create the effect they wanted.

If you have blue eyes, wearing eye shadow of a similar shade will result in your eyes looking less noticeable. Instead, try some makeup tips for blue eyes to make them absolutely gorgeous.

Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes

Eyeshadow is one of the main eye makeup products. An important point to keep in mind before buying eyeshadow is blue eyes come in a variety of shades. Some colors that look great on light blue eyes will not have the same effect on eyes appearing closer to turquoise or gray.

Most colors in the brown family are ideal for any shade of blue eyes. Deep brown, camel, copper, and virtually every other variety of brown will enhance the color of your eyes. If your eyes are not pure blue, focusing on the other color will give a stunning effect. For example, if they are gray-blue, gray or white eye shadow will look exceptionally nice.


For evening wear, these shades are even better if they are shimmering. Shimmering eye shadow will reflect the light, causing your eyes to look glowing and beautiful.

A Few Basic Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

When you are shopping for new eye makeup, there are other products to consider. Mascara is a must-have for any makeup collection. Depending upon your personal tastes, black, brown, or green mascara would be good choices. Your mascara will make your eyes look larger, more open, and much more beautiful.

Some women love eyeliner, and some hate it. If you like using it every day, or only on special occasions, colors from the brown family, silver, and even purple will make your eyes shine. If your eyes are small, or light colored, it is better to apply eyeliner very lightly. Otherwise, it will draw attention to your eye makeup instead of your eyes.

In generations of the past, most women wanted blue eyes. The idea was blue eyes were much lovelier than other colors. While definitions of beauty today are focused on individual beauty, you should still consider yourself lucky if you were born with blue eyes. When you try these makeup tips, you will see why your eyes are your best feature. With just these few eye makeup products in your cosmetics collection, you will always look great.

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