The Many Beautifying Effects of Tea

Our world is full of plants, herbs and flowers that, when brewed, can offer us loads of health-giving benefits.

But who actually has the time (or inclination) to grind seeds, decoct roots, and infuse the petals of the fresh stuff on regular basis (unless it’s your profession)?

With that said, it is now possible to pick up convenient boxes of bagged herbal tea in all health food shops, and most supermarkets. With so many types of tea available, it may be best to focus on the benefits of the most common and widely available types of tea to begin with, namely chamomile, mint, lemon, Rooibos, rose and nettle- as well as good old fashioned black tea.

Chamomile: Anti-Wrinkle Cure?

Interestingly, the ancient Egyptians believed that chamomile prevented aging. It certainly possesses mild sedative properties that can be an antidote to the anxieties and stresses of modern life. As studies have suggested that excessive stress accelerates the

As studies have suggested that excessive stress accelerates the aging process, it may well be true that chamomile has anti-aging properties as it helps calm us down and lower our stress.

Mint: Pre-Party Preparer

Because it aids digestion, mint is excellent for diminishing any sign of bloat; perfect to drink the day of a party before squeezing into a slinky outfit.

It is also claimed that drinking mint tea helps to soothe the nerves– ancient athletes perfumed their bodies with the leaves to give them power – so it is also the tea to make for any pre-party jitters.

My favorite is  Numi Organic Mint Tea.

Lemon: A Natural Diuretic

Not for nothing is lemon thought of as the most uplifting and refreshing of fruits. Fluid retention is often one of the reasons for that heavy and lethargic feeling – and lemon offers a powerful cure.

Swollen ankles, cellulite and puffy eyes can all be treated by drinking lemon tea, which helps the body to release excess fluid. However, it is best to avoid lacing the cup with sugar as this will counteract the eliminatory effect.

Free Radical Fighter: Rooibos Rules for Skin

Rooibos, the African herbal tea, has become much more popular on the market in recent years. Red bush tea is packed full of polyphenols, antioxidants responsible for “mopping up’’ free radicals in the body, that cause the cells to age.

Choose a brand that supports the rights of African workers to put a smile on your face, too!

I love Chai Rooibos as it tastes great while being caffeine-free and it helps calm the cramps very effectively. 

Not-So-Nasty Nettle Aids Slimming

If you can stand the bitter taste, nettle tea is wildly healthy for a number of reasons. Chock full of vitamins and minerals, it also boasts high levels of amino acids to support the immune system.

Perhaps most interesting for beauty purposes is its role as a thigh-slimmer. Nettle leaves increase thyroid function, boosting the metabolism to help shift unwanted pounds. A little honey or other sweetener is recommended.

Traditional Medicinals Organic Burdock with Nettle Leaf Tea has amazing and its super affordable!

Radiant Rose: Vitamin C for Collagen

A little harder to find perhaps, but worth it, good quality rose tea is high in vitamin C. A cup of tea made with rose hips is said to contain as much vitamin C as 150 oranges.

Vitamin C is necessary for collagen growth, the substance that connects cells. Collagen growth is said to cleanse skin internally, resulting in glowing skin.

Rose tea tastes delicate, exotic and sweet; good enough for Aphrodite herself.

Try this Garden of the Andes 100% Organic Herbal Tea, Rosehip and Hibiscus!

Last But Not Least… Black Tea!

Good old “builder’s tea.” The average construction worker may not know, or care, what his well-deserved cuppa is doing for his personal beauty, but black tea is certainly not without its appearance-boosting properties. Rich in flavanoids, antioxidants that resist cellular damage; fantastic for the complexion.

The same applies to green tea, which is also three times lower in caffeine.

Black tea, surprisingly, also contains fluoride, strengthening tooth enamel to help prevent unsightly tooth decay, and bad breath.

Weight loss, improved skin, age management and overall vitality are just some of the many benefits drinking tea can offer. The great thing is, with so much variety out there, tea drinkers can experiment with as many different kinds of cups as they please, or just stick to their usual- and know they are boosting their health, and looks.

What is more, with herbal and low caffeinated tea counting towards the recommended eight glasses of water a day, it can make that daily goal a lot more pleasurable to achieve.

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