What Do Men Think About Female Breast Enhancement?

What do men think about female breast enhancement?

It doesn’t matter, right?

Rrrright. Women should, of course, only get breast enhancement surgery to please themselves, but we humans have this crazy tendency to care about what other humans, particularly other humans of the opposite sex, think about us.

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A woman who doesn’t care what a man thinks about her breast size – real or fake – is either lying or a lesbian (in which case she probably just wonders what other women think of her breasts). So do you wanna know what men think of large breasts, small breasts, fake breast and real? Here’s what some of them have told us.

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We’re just going to come out and say it: size does matter, sort of. Men like breasts. They like them of all sizes, especially if they are easily accessible. There are men who claim to prefer smaller breasts, but by and large they like them bigger.

Apparently, though, men do have some limits when it comes to breast size. If your breasts look like you could play a sport other than softball with them, they are probably too big.

The other limit?

A serious relationship. Men who like a woman for who she is and are thus in a serious relationship with her, tend not to care about the size of a woman’s breasts. Women considering breast enhancement while they’re in a serious relationship are wasting their mental energy, at least as far as their men are concerned.

If they still want the surgery, they should, of course, get it, but female breast enhancement has broken up otherwise happy relationships before.

As for fake boobs?

Most men don’t care if your big breasts are home grown or store bought. This seems to be a factor of age, actually, with men between the ages of 18 and 29 caring the least about what’s in a breast besides fat.

Beyond that, about 70% of men say they prefer real breasts.

Interestingly, about the same amount say that fake breasts aren’t a turn off. Long story short: most don’t care if your breasts are fake so long as they are big and you let them touch them. As well, most men claim they can spot surgical female breast enhancement, anyhow. They don’t care, but they can spot it, they think.

  • And when those men do spot breast implants, they apparently like what they’re looking at. Men do seem to like the appearance of large, fake breasts, particularly when they are clothed and not that close to them.
  • Women who have had breast enhancement surgery tend to have profiles that are more, uh, perky.
  • Their breasts sit higher on their chests and stick out farther – bra or no bra – than women who have naturally large breasts.
  • These breasts are more noticeable to men, and they are more pleasing because perkiness is also something men appreciate in women’s breasts.

Men who prefer small breasts often say that they like them because they’re perkier. Having breasts that are both big and perky is like having a whole lotta cake and eating it too.

Finally, what about the woman who undergoes female breast enhancement? What do men think about her? Do they even think about her? This is a complicated question for most men, whose first reaction seems to be that the woman must not have any self-confidence (which is a huge turn off for many men). Given some thought, the answer becomes more nuanced.

Men say that if a man really wants a woman to get breast enhancement or is really turned on by the large, fake breasts, chances are he is only interested in the breasts. In other words, a man who pays a lot of attention to your breasts isn’t paying a lot of attention to you as a person. This is probably true, men are astute enough to note, regardless of whether the breasts are real or fake.

Men also say that if a woman has self-confidence before she gets her breasts enhanced and is just looking for a little improvement instead of some perfectionist ideal, then that’s OK. They are not likely to think less of that woman. However, they tend to be skeptical of any woman claiming to have confidence in her appearance and want breast implants at the same time. Unless, of course, it’s a woman they’re in a relationship with. It all changes then.

Men generally try to talk the women they love out of breast enhancement surgery because they love the women for other reasons. They also tend to be supportive and happy with the results if the woman is.

So, there you have it. What men think about breasts and female breast enhancement is as complicated as what women think about it. If you are considering female breast enhancement, and there is a special man in your life, talk with him about it. For that matter, talk with the special women in your life, too – mom and sis may just have some helpful insight. No matter whose opinion you seek, though, be sure that you are making the decision for yourself and no one else.

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