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Minx Nails Manicure: Manicures and Pedicures Without Nail Polish Smell or Drying Time

Minx veneer is a new nail lacquer that was not only all the rage at the recent American Music awards, but offers a more practical solution to those who don’t have a lot of time on their hands.

Minx Veneer Applied Through Heat Source

The application of traditional nail polish has always come with a health warning in that it smells, it can smudge, it takes time to dry and effort to remove, and it can chip quite easily. Minx veneer is a flexible and firm coating that claims to adhere perfectly to natural or enhanced nails through an infa-red heat source.

Minx Popular With Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera

With the Minx armour, one single odourless application is applied to each fingernail or toenail through heat and pressure and the client can walk out of the salon straight away. Such is the popularity of the product, that celebrities including Beyonce, Pink, Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga have been seen wearing the metallic look.

Scarlett Johansson was the cover story for Glamour‘s featuring a black and white Minx look while Vogue UK‘s November issue also ran a story on the same product.

Minx’s chief executive Janice Jordan created the product when she became frustrated with her nails chipping in her previous graphic design jo. bDawn Lynch-Goodwin, co-founder of the Californian salon said: “Once she (Janice) found a solid coating, she realized that it could be developed in a variety of metallics and designs. And, besides looking amazing, it had other benefits such as no drying time, no chipping and not requiring any chemicals in the application or removal.”

Minxing is Very Quick

The Minx process is quick, but a basic manicure is carried out initially to ensure that the nail bed is smooth. Individual films, about the width of a sticker, are matched to each finger, then heated using a special salon lamp, and melted onto the nail.

To eliminate the appearance of bubbles, pressure is applied to the top of the applique and stretched out towards the tip. Using technical knowledge from NASCAR, the salon then uses a special glass file to flatten the decal down so that it doesn’t rip.

Costs Twice as Much as Basic Manicure

Minxing costs about twice as much as a basic manicure or pedicure. On fingers, the coating can last up to two weeks and on toes, it might suffice for six weeks. Is it worth it? Wherever you are in the world, this is the chance to find out.

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