Natural Skin Care Products

So you want natural skin care products.

Tired of steroid creams to treat eczema symptoms?

Frustrated with harsh acne treatments that have DANGEROUS side effects?

For just about any skin condition that exists, there are alternative natural or organic remedies, without harsh detergent or carcinogenic chemicals. Why treat one problem, only to create another??

The holistic approach used by naturapaths is to treat the cause of the problem rather than the symptom. So often medical treatments focus on the visible signs like acne or flaky skin, while ignoring the underlying cause.

I tried everything to treat my teenage acne, stopping just short of Accutane–the side effects scared me. I finally read “Prescription for Natural Healing” a couple years ago, and recognized that my acne follows a monthly cycle and so the causes were hormonal.

Why then should I be attacking my skin with benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid everyday? A natural acne treatment left me (nearly) zit free and with softer and smoother skin than I had during all those anti-acne years.

Find your condition here, and bear in mind that if one solution doesn’t work, another still may!

  • Acne
  • Dandruff
  • Rosacea
  • More remedies that worked for readers like YOU

You’re tired of nasty chemicals, formaldehyde, estrogen- and other hormone-mimic-ing chemicals being applied to your skin every day, poisoning your body, sensitizing your skin, clogging your pores, promising smooth skin now, but actually causing wrinkles later!

(If you’re not sure yet, then you probably haven’t read about all the toxic chemicals in everyday department-store and drugstore brand products–even in some that market themselves as “natural” or “herbal”!)

Natural Acne Treatment

Natural Acne Remedy – Acne has a variety of causes, usually linked to excess sebum production by the skin causing bacteria to be trapped in pores, developing an infection. To treat acne, you need to control the sebum and/or kill the bacteria. Traditional treatments use triclosan (anti-bacterial), salicylic acid (increase cell turnover), benzoyl peroxide (anti-bacterial), retin-A (increase cell rate turnover).

For a natural remedy to prevent acne, look for products which are gentle exfoliants, using fruit acids for cell turnover, rather than harsh nut or rice scrubs. These scrubs can create tiny cuts in your skin where even more bacteria will thrive. Products containing tea tree oil or other anti-bacterial essential oils can help kill bacteria. To help heal acne, look for witch hazel and aloe vera products, two anti-inflammatory substances.

CLICK here to read guide on how to naturally treat acne

Natural Dandruff Treatment

Natural Dandruff Remedy – Dandruff has two believed major causes, the first being an overabundance of the fungus Pityrosporum ovale and over production of sebum by oil glands in your skin. Traditional treatments use selenium sulfide (anti-fungal), pyrithione zinc (anti-fungal), and/or resorcinol (to remove scaly or roughened skin).

For a natural remedy, look for products containing tea tree oil, oil of oregano or other natural anti-fungal agents. Or, try a home remedy for dandruff using vinegar. And to remove that rough scaly skin? Brush your hair and scalp with a natural boar bristle brush before showering, to loosen all the dead skin.

Natural Rosacea Treatment

Natural Rosacea Treatments – Rosacea is characterized by redness on the cheeks and forehead, small visible blood vessels and bumps or pimples on the face. It often goes undiagnosed, or is treated as common acne (acne vulgaris), however the causes are not the same.

Traditional treatments include courses of oral antibiotics and topical creams. Natural remedies include avoiding known triggers, using dietary and herbal supplements, and skin care products containing naturally anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredients while soothing the skin.

Enter: Natural Skin Care Products!

Here’s a quicklist of a few brands that are free (or mostly free) of the bad stuff:

Dr. Hauschka skin, bath, body, sun and hair care products. I love their skin, bath and body products, and sun screens, though I’m not totally sold on their shampoo and conditioner–doesn’t get my hair clean enough…

If you can’t stand the price of Hauschka, (though for ideas on where to buy), then look into Jason Naturals or Kiss My Face skin care products. Both are paraben-free, sls-free, and use a high percentage of organic ingredients to boot.

Giovanni hair care and styling products including gel, mousse, gloss sprays, etc… Just a warning: a few of their shampoos do have bad ingredients in them, so read those labels!

Jason’s natural toothpaste. Tom’s of Maine and Dessert Essence unfortunately contain sodium lauryl sulfates even though they’re typically considered natural skin and body care companies. At least they don’t contain antifreeze!

For paraben-free sunscreens, try Aubrey Organics or, still my fave, Dr. Hauschka for their smooth, quickly absorbed (and not too white and pasty looking) feel. Aubrey, however, feels more water resistant to me, for those all-day stints at the beach.
For natural makeup products, check out our page on natural makeup, foundation, mascara and nail polish.

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