Natural Skincare Ingredients: Coffee, Green Tea, Sugar, Honey and Chocolate Benefit Skin


Natural skincare ingredients can be very beneficial to the skin and many of them can be found right in ones own home. This makes them inexpensive and easily accessible. Coffee, green tea, sugar, honey and chocolate are a few natural ingredients that can be found in almost every kitchen and that can bring great benefits to the skin.

Coffee Keeps Skin Looking Younger

Coffee can have many benefits on the skin. Ground coffee beans can be mixed with other products and used to exfoliate the skin. The granules rub off dry, dead skin cells and keep skin looking fresher and younger. The caffeine in coffee has also been known to reduce the look of cellulite and varicose veins on the skin.

Green Tea is a Strong Antioxidant

Green tea is an antioxidant which means it fights the effects of free radical damage that cause skin to age prematurely. Green tea can also help rejuvenate dying skin cells thus producing more supple and elastic skin. Green tea is also soothing to the skin and can help reduce inflammation and irritation of sensitive skin.

Sugar is a Natural Method of Exfoliation

When ingested, too much sugar can be harmful to the skin, but when used as a method of exfoliation, sugar can bring benefits to the skin. To make a sugar scrub mix sugar with olive oil and other flavorful ingredients such as vanilla extract. Lightly rub it on the skin while taking a shower then rinse it off with warm water. Skin will feel refreshed and look younger.

Honey Moisturizes Skin

Honey is humectant which means, it attracts water to the skins surface and keeps it moisturized. Mix honey with oatmeal and brown sugar for a moisturizing facial mask. It also has slightly acidic properties and is a good chemical exfoliant. Honey is also thought to have cleansing and healing properties which makes it good for acne. Just mix honey with some powdered cinnamon to create a paste and spot treat any pimples on the face. Leave the paste on overnight and rinse it off in the morning. Pimples will be reduced, if not completely gone, within a few weeks.


Chocolate is Rich in Flavanols

Flavanols, found in chocolate, are antioxidants and can help prevent damages from the sun. They also promote healthy arteries and, in turn, healthy blood flow. Healthy blood flow is good for the skin and keeps it looking young. Eating a little bit of dark chocolate daily is good for the skin and the body.

These five natural skincare ingredients are not only delicious and healing to the soul, but are also beneficial for the skin.

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