Noogleberry Breast Enlargement Pump Review

If you’re looking for a good breast enlargement pump then it’s no coincidence that you have heard of Noogleberry pump. After all it is basically the most popular breast enlargement tool in the natural breast enhancement community. Women and men have given it a try. And many of those have seen success with the tool.

So here’s the list of questions you will find answers to in this article;

  • Does Noogleberry breast pump work?
  • If so, how?
  • Where can you buy Noogleberry pump? Any discount code?
  • Choosing the Noogleberry cup size and the cups.
  • Look at the Noogleberry before and after photos.
  • Male breast enhancement with Noogleberry pump.

Does Noogleberry breast pump really work? If so, how?

Ok, you might be skeptical at this point!

I get it, so was I.

After all, if this really works, why are people still opting for the conventional plastic surgery right?

Here’s the deal; it works, but you have to work with it to get the results!

And many people just don’t stick to it long enough to see the permanent results.

The great things about using the pump are many;

  • It doesn’t cause pain or unwanted side effects (apart from temporary bruising which is minimal.)
  • It is fairly easy to use. Just follow the simple instructions that come with the purchase!
  • It is very affordable! The whole program will cost less than USD 200 including the accessories and Bio-Oil (stretch mark preventing oil).
  • You can use the pump on one side of the breasts to even them out.

Regular use of the pump will encourage your body to grow; as the result of the continued suction and blood flow to the area (the breasts). This process is called tissue expansion.

This has been proven to work. With that said, you have to persist and be consistent with the routine for awhile.

Many people give up after first month of trying because they are just basically impatient!

Those that have seen real growth (and not just some temporary swelling) pump the breasts for one hour a day, and keep the cups on as long as they can (at the comfort of their own home and privacy).

And boy, aren’t they glad they stick to the program! The growth is incredible!!

(You’ll see in it the before and after photos later on this page!)

How long does it take to see the growth?

There are a few stages to the growth.

The first stage (2-3 months of using) you will see the swelling and it will last for maybe a day or two before they shrink back to your original size.

Don’t panic or be disappointed!

This will become more permanent the more you do this on regular basis!

Just keep persisting!

A few weeks after that, the swelling becomes more permanent as your breast tissues have been expanded.

You might even have to buy bigger dome size (the cups) as your journey continues. It’s when you fill out the original cups completely then you will need to opt for bigger domes for more expansion.

More shopping, I know! J

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you buy Noogleberry breast enlargement pump

You can use the pump alone or in combination with breast enlargement supplement or cream.

The pump alone will give you the results, but if you want to take it up a notch, then go for the whole system.

(I’ve personally been using Total Curve system together with the pump as I like that fact that I don’t have to buy supplement and cream separately. Not to mention that they are the best in my opinion!)

Be realistic about your goal and be real to yourself if you’re really going to spend the time and effort to do this before you buy!

You will be so AMAZED with the results, and you’ll be happy with the growth only if you really stick to the pumping long enough!

To tell you the truth, it is not that difficult to do on regular basis!

Once you’ve finished your daily tasks and your evening shower, do the “noogling”. You can do it while you’re watching your favorite show on the TV if you like.

Once you’ve done it 10 days in a row, you are likely to stick to this as it has become your everyday habit to noogle!


How to use Noogleberry safely and effectively

Don’t overdo it! Start small with 15 minutes a session in the first few weeks. And be gentle as you might injure yourself using too much pressure with the pumping.

It’s a hand-pump! So you can easily be tempted to over-pump and end up bruising yourself.

If you see that the pumps leave circle marks around your boobs, don’t panic! Use the vitamin E cream or Bio-Oil and massage the cream / oil onto the area.

Not only will this get rid of the marks, it will also help with preventing stretch marks as well.


Noogleberry Breast Pump Before and After Photos and Testimonials

From Emelinda:

“Hi girls, yesteday night I managed to keep the medium cup on and the result was amazing!!I coldn’t believe to what I was seeing and touching!!!!

This was after taking off the domes

In quiet state my boobs are not so big but bigger than in my last picture, “the 6 days after” one.

I’m really pleased with my result!!!

  • Noogleberry Forum


Pros and cons of Noogleberry breast enhancement pump


  • It’s still pretty manual. So practice stead firm grips of the handle before you start pumping with the cups on your breasts.
  • It can be painful especially when you’re new to this and get impatient. I know I did when I first started using it. I wanted to see the growth as fast as possible and ending up over-pumping and bruising myself. Ouch!
  • It requires time and patience… Make it a routine and you’ll be glad you bought the Noogleberry pump and persisted.
  • It looks a bit silly. I mean it probably doesn’t look very appealing having the plastic cups over your boobs with your breasts sucked into them. But hey, it’s the results that count!


  • This is by far the most talked-about and praised breast pump in the community. And it’s possibly the most durable and inexpensive one as well.
  • Great community support! Once you’ve joined the Noogleberry family, you get to be part of the journey sharing tips and tricks as well as encouraging each other on this trip to success. This is so priceless!
  • It’s safe and it works! Above all else, if it actually gives you the results given you’ve given it a chance to work for you!

So here you have it; all the good and bad about the Noobleberry Breast enlargement pump. I hope you give it a shot and let me know in the comments section below what you think about it! I’ll be looking forward to hearing your success stories!


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