Products That Promise Perfectly Shaped Eyebrows


Anyone can “clean up” straggly-looking eyebrows at home; it’s getting that professionally-shaped arch to the brow that sometimes seems like a lost cause. For consumers who need some assistance, great brow shaping kits are available from many companies.

Eyebrow Essentials Kit

This product costs $68. It includes seven grooming aids: scissors, pointed and slanted tweezers, brow filler, a dual-sided brush, mirror, and sharpener. It also has a detailed manual with step-by-step instructions. Eliza’s kit comes in two shades, one suitable for blondes and one for brunettes.

Senna Cosmetics Form-A-Brow Kit

This kit claims that if the consumer can stencil, she can create the perfectly arched brow. It comes with a number of different stencils, including fine, natural, full, or extra full. The user chooses one based on face shape and size and her personal preference. The brow is then penciled in and tweezed to match the chosen stencil.

This kit costs $48, but comes with some of the best stencils available; the cheap ones at the drugstore frequently produce brow shapes that are just plain weird. It comes in five color combinations, including one for gray hair.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Kit for Perfect Brows and Eyes

Anastasia markets a huge line of brow products, which are available at Sephora. The company’s All About Brows Kit costs $75, but contains absolutely everything needed to make brows a perfect frame for the eyes. Anastasia’s stencils are always completely natural in shape; and its matte brow powders do not smear or flake.

Brow gel, growth serum, and a pen to tint the brows are other popular products made by Anastasia.

Christi Harris Precision Brow Planing System

Available online, this kit is superb for anyone who hates plucking or gets too many ingrown hairs from traditional methods of eyebrow shaping. It uses the ingenious Brow Planer, a precision tool that cuts hair off at the root without leaving visible stubble. (The Planer is also said to be good at removing peach fuzz.)

In addition, the kit contains brow wax, five brushes, three shades of brow powder, and a diffusing powder for highlighting under the brow. A book of instructions called “Plane Truth About Brows” is also included.

The Christi Harris System costs around $60, though specially priced offers are occasionally available.

Eyebrow shaping can be very tricky; but if skillfully done, the eyes and face will take on new dimension and depth. It can even help a sagging eye area appear a bit lifted. Shape the brows into a sophisticated arch and enjoy the classic, well-groomed results.

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