Is Pu erh Tea the Real Weight Loss Tea?

pu erh tea weight loss


It can be a quite fulfilling sipping a cup of tea unknowingly when one gets to hear of the Pu erh tea. A cup of tea with a difference that will get you healthy is worth a cup to prescribe. Natural solutions are slowly coming into the weight dilemma and most sedentary Americans are crying of weight issues in talk shows and wishing for a dose could as well sit back and enjoy a cup of tea.

Made from the stems and leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant, the same plant that has been famed for black teas and Oolong tea.Pu erh tea is post fermented which makes it very different from other tea supplements. Its processing includes fermentation and prolonged storage under high humidity. The secret is, aging it for longer makes it taste even better.

How Pu erh Tea Works

pu erh tea health benefits

  • Pu-erh tea contains caffeine though not as much as seen in other teas. The importance of the caffeine in the tea is to stimulate the central nervous system, muscles and heart. The tea also contains antioxidants and other substances that help protect the body, heart and blood vessels.
  • The ingredients in Pu erh tea make it lower cholesterol levels in the body through a chemical called lovastatin. This is a prescription medicine that is used to help individuals lower cholesterol levels.
  • The tea solution is quite helpful for weight management but should not be left to work alone without emphasis on healthy living , balanced diet and exercising frequently.
  • Note that it may smell musty or stale due to the long aging process or getting attacked by bacteria. It is mainly produced in the South Western parts of China and has always been used as medicine by the local people for a long time.
  • Also known for improving mental alertness, sharp thinking and reducing high cholesterol.


When to Drink Pu erh tea for Weight Loss

Drinking Puerh tea should be timely to get the best results, example the intake should be timed to maximize metabolism of fat. The right time to take a glass of Pu-erh tea for weight loss is at least one hour after a meal, this gives the Pu-erh tea time to remove excess grease and help the body eliminate hard to digest or unwanted fats.

tea for weight loss

If you drink the tea an hour before you eat a meal it may cause the opposite effect and you end up gaining weight because it clears up fat deposits in the body and any residue in the stomach thus increasing your appetite and causing you to eat more.

Another ideal approach is to drink Pu-erh tea throughout the day as your choice of tea without adding any other tea or drinks to your diet. This will get you most noticeable weight loss.

Side Effects and Interaction With Other Drugs

Due to the caffeine found in the plant, controlled intake of the tea is advised to avoid prolonged mental alertness deficit and possible addiction. More research to confirm further the relevance and reliability of its ability to lower cholesterol and other conditions are still ongoing but so far nothing has been found to be contrary.

chinese weight loss tea

Like most supplements the drug should not be used without seeking medical directions especially for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, people with diabetes problems, high blood pressure and other health conditions.

The other thing to note is caffeine, some conditions could be affected so much my caffeine or be caused by taking too much caffeine like diarrhea, weak bones etc. Factors that one should ensure he/she guards against becoming addicted to the tea.

Stimulant drugs should not be used together with the tea as they cause interactions and may complicate issues with the heart and central nervous system. Healthy living traverses the physical weight stress and shape. Mental health and being positive in life is key in approaching all these issues and you must be smiling as you take your Pu-erh tea for better results.

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