Purafem – Pueraria Mirifica for Breast Enhancement

Before we talk specifically about Purafem… let’s talk about Pueraria Mirifica.

You probably heard of Pueraria Mirifica and its wonderful benefits to our health and vitality. I know I am a big fan of this wonderful gift from Mother Nature.

This potent phytoestrogen herb is known for its ability to help rejuvenate your skin and its particularly popular in the natural breast enhancement community.

Women and men all over the world are living witnesses of its power. The herb is known as  alternative substitute for hormone therapy as it contains both miroestrol and deoxymiroestrol (very similar to prescription drug estrodiol but without the side effects).


real life success with Pueraria Mirifica breast enhancement

Phytoestrogens found in Pueraria Mirifica are known to be the most powerful natural estrogens from plants. And that’s why you can find many breast enlargement products on the market today with this herb as the ingredient.

How to use Pueraria Mirifica to grow breasts naturally

It can be applied topically on breasts or/and taken orally.

A number of milligrams does matter. In the beginning, I recommend beginners to start small. Go for no more than 350 mg per day when you first start with NBE program.

When you feel that your progress has plateaued, increase the amount to 500mg – 1 gram per day.

I find that for topical use, the lighter the texture of PM product the better. It ensures better absorption.

Serum or lotion are my preferred texture to oil or thick cream.

Note: It is best to take breaks from taking any oral supplements every 3 months. This is to help break through plateaus as well as giving your kidney and liver a vacation.

Choosing the product with PM for breast enhancement

Since the herb is originally discovered and grown in Thailand and Myanmar, I find that it is reasonable to get the products with raw materials from the countries. But there is more to that. Manufacturing practice is also a key factor that sets a product apart from the rest.

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Purafem Breast enhancement


 That’s why I recommend this product to our readers

You might have seen sales pages of many products that make unbelievable claims about the progress you can make in terms of breast growth.

If you have been following my blog for awhile that I always encourage people to have realistic expectations. And this supplement does the same to their prospects and users.

But that’s not the only reason why we like this product;

  1. The raw material used is premium farmed cultivar, farmed according to strict harvesting procedures.
  2. It is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved
  3. They send you free NBE guide and relaxation MP3, and newsletters with massage techniques to help accelerate results.
  4. They offer 60-day Money Back guarantee

The company Secure Global who manufactures this premium product, has been around for nearly a decade (since 2004), and their sales growth is rising. That tells something about the quality and the safety including the integrity of the company.

It’s certainly not one of those, here today gone by tomorrow kind of product that’s for sure.

The Cons

It is certainly not the lowest-priced Pueraria Mirifica on the market. In fact, it is almost twice or three times the price of many other products you can find on other trusted commercial websites.

But I’d like you to consider this for a moment. We are investing in our well-being and confidence here. It’s our body we are talking about. Quality should be the top priority. And this product offers the highest of its kind.

Cheaper Alternative Products To Purafem

Barlowe’s Elixir Pueraria Mirifica is a known and eligible health and beauty company based in the US. They do offer high quality Pueraria Mirifica products at competitive prices  (550mg 60 capsules for measly USD $12.95).

Available on Amazon.com 

Many people from breast enlargement communities have used their product and reported back with great results.

It is very important that when you take the product, do take some break each month. Here’s the entire details about how you should take Pueraria Mirifica safely and effectively.


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