Weight Loss Benefits from Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract

Mention the word “coffee” to most people, and they immediately conjure up beautiful images of themselves sipping on their favorite cup of Joe first thing in the morning. Many people will also think of coffee as what they drink to obtain their afternoon “Pick me up.” Coffee is an extremely popular beverage and is also one of the most studied beverages ever.

When one hears the term “Green coffee bean extract” confusion usually ensues as one ponders exactly what it is. Well it is a very valuable supplement for numerous reasons. Outlined below are some common questions regarding green coffee bean extract:

First things first…


Exactly what is it and where exactly does it come from?

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Green coffee simply refers to the raw beans of coffee fruits.The key point to remember is that the coffee is “green” because it has not yet been roasted. The roasting process chemically alters the coffee bean. Although roasting removes much of the bitter taste of the coffee bean, it also removes some of the potentially beneficial compounds as well. Thus, the extract is removed from the beans prior to roasting and therefore the extract retains more of the helpful compounds.

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What exactly does this extract do?

The pure green coffee bean extract has numerous effects on the human body when ingested. Similar to a regular old cup of roasted coffee, the extract contains a dose of caffeine as well as antioxidants. Typically the caffeine dose in the extract

is only a fraction of the dose One gets in a standard cup of coffee, however those with a sensitivity to caffeine will want to monitor how they feel while using the extract. The reason people are taking this supplement however, is not for the caffeine boost but for the antioxidant properties and potential help in losing weight or maintaining a decide body weight.

The health benefits are many, but here are some of the biggest benefits:

  • The green coffee bean extract contains high levels of Chlorogenic acid. This Chlorogenic acid in green coffee has potential health benefits for the heart, for treating diabetes, and for weight loss. This acid component of green coffee is thought to have balancing effects on the body’s blood sugar. Blood sugar levels play a crucial role in weight loss efforts, as well as managing diabetic conditions. It is believed that this acid regulates blood sugar by helping the body maintain steady levels, which in turn reduces hunger and cravings. In addition, lower blood sugar allows the body to access stored fat more easily to be used as fuel.
  • In addition to it’s potential uses as a weigh loss aid, it also contains many compounds that are beneficial to the human body. These compounds are cancer-fighters as well as protectors of such things as memory, and they also have the ability to help the body ward off diseases such as Alzheimer’s and to control Parkinson’s disease.green coffee bean extract2


Many wonder if this newly discovered supplement is safe. Well thus far the data points to green coffee bean extract being safe. Certain precautions should be followed however. Due to it’s caffeine content, this supplement should not be used by persons with a sensitivity to caffeine or persons suffering from anxiety disorders.

In addition, those with heart conditions or high blood pressure may want to avoid this supplement and should certainly check with their doctor prior to use.

A lot more research needs to be done regarding this supplement, but it is generally considered quite safe for those over the age of 18 who are in good health and do not have underlying medical issues.

The dose of green coffee bean extract that should be taken to lose weight is of great importance as well. Many studies done this far have used a dose of 400 mg per day. Pure green coffee bean extract 800 mg per day has also been used. As with any supplement, one should not take more than directed.


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What makes the best product for weight loss and health?

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There are currently numerous brands available on the market. Brands such as Rightway Nutrition, Resvitale, and BioGenetic Laboratories all provide quality supplements. There are numerous other brands out there. The key is to always check the ingredient list prior to purchase for potency and extra ingredients.

According to Dr. Oz’s recommendations here are what you need to take into consideration if you’re going to take Green Coffee Bean extract as a weight loss supplement;

  • Each capsule contains at least 45% chlorogenic acid. (More than 45% is better than less)
  • The recommended dosage is 400 mg, three times a day – 30 minutes before each meal
  • Note that some clinical trials have also demonstrated success with 200 mg. per time (30 minutes prior to each meal)

Where can I buy green coffee bean extract?

banner4637There are many products that are widely available. It can be purchased at local health food as well as supplement stores. General nutrition centers (GNC) carries numerous brands for sale and can discuss the differences between brands with you. For even more convenience, the extract can now be purchased online as well. We recommend Green Coffee Bean Max for its premium quality that ensures maximum benefits for users. You can also take advantage of their money back guarantee as well.

Green Coffee Bean Max also comes wit premium bonuses to help you get to your weight loss goal more easily.

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