Sally Girl Makeup Review

The Sally Girl makeup line is available exclusively at Sally Beauty stores or online at The entire makeup line includes liquid eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick, lipgloss, glitter dust, blush, bronzer, and nail polish.

The best thing about this line is that everything is $0.99 (with the exception of the blush, bronzer and the Stripes Eye shadow)! Each product is small and compact but lasts for a long time. All of the products are high- quality and portable.

Eye Shadow Products

Sally Girl Eye Shadow Connecting Compacts are available in 48 different shades. Each color is smooth, silky and vibrant on the skin. A little goes a long way. Each individual compact can connect with another compact for traveling. There are both matte and shimmer shadows in bright, dark, or subtle shades. The color may crease a little throughout the day.

Mini Baked Eye Shadows are fairly new but excellent. They are now available in 12 shades. These mini eye shadows can be used dry for a softer look or wet for a more intense look. They can also be used as an eyeliner. All the colors have a soft metallic sheen to enhance the eyes. They are good as a base coat or for blending. The color may crease if worn for a long time.

Sally Girl Stripes Eye Shadow are small compacts with three complimenting colors. Available in 9, 3-shade compacts. They are ideal for subtle looks but can be made more dramatic depending on how much is applied. The color is long lasting but unfortunately takes a few swipes before the color actually shows up). They only costs $1 each. The color lasts long but, like most eye shadows, can crease throughout the day.

Sally Girl Quad Eye Shadow is available in 6, 4-shade compacts that glide on smoothly and blend well. Four beautiful, highly- pigmented colors are enclosed in each compact. The colors have a soft shimmer and last long. The color may crease if worn for a long time.

Eyeliner and Mascara

Sally Girl Mini Liquid Eyeliner is available in Jet Black and Brownish Black. It’s easy to apply because of the thin, precise brush enclosed. The liner goes on smoothly but takes a minute to dry. It’s relatively easy to remove (if removed with a good makeup remover). It does not flake unless tinkered with or when removing. It lasts throughout the day.

Sally Girl Mini Mascara is available in Jet Black and Brownish Black. The thin brush allows nice, even coating of each lash. It pulls and extends the lashes boldly but clumps occasionally. It also takes a while to remove. The wonderful thing about this mascara is that it lasts throughout the day without getting messy or runny. One small tube can last for a long time, too.

Lipsticks and Lipglosses

Sally Girl Mini Lipsticks come in 14 shades that last long and go on smoothly. May feather a little throughout the day. Ideal for quick touch-ups.

The Mini Lip Gloss Wand comes in 16 creamy shades that last long and leaves lips feeling moisturized and soft.

The Mini Squeeze Tube Lip Gloss comes in 12 nonsticky, flirty colors that leaves lips shiny and moisturized.


Sally Girl Squares Blush comes in three rosy pink shades. The blush offers a soft, light tint to the cheeks and only costs $1 each.

Sally Girl Squares Bronzer comes in three natural glow shades. The bronzer creates a soft sunkissed glow and only costs $1 each.

Sally Girl Nail Color is available in 71 amazing shades. Each color has high-gloss and is chip- resistant.

The Sparkle Effect Loose Glitter comes in 10 colors. They can be used with eye shadow, lip gloss, lipstick, nail polish, and more to create sparkly looks. The only downfall is that the glitter gets all over the place if you’re not careful.

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