Does Saw Palmetto Help Enlarge Your Breasts?

saw palmettoSaw Palmetto is an indigenous plant; its origin is from the Caribbean and the coastal region of South America. America’s indigenous peoples, the Indians used Saw Palmetto berries to treat the disorders of genitalia area. Today saw palmetto is used in alternative medicine to maintain the health of the male urinary tract and prostate gland.

The plant is also known as the dwarf palm, has long been successfully used in benign prostatic hyperplasia, which can cause discomfort and nocturnal urination.

It blocks the conversion of testosterone into the dangerous form dihydrotestosterone, which causes prostate growth. This herb also used in sexual impotence, infertility disorders, and in the prostate inflammation. Light prostate problems such as benign prostatic hyperplasia are most common in men over fifty years.

Saw palmetto extract has also been potentially used to treat male pattern baldness as well.

Function and features:

  • Saw palmetto berries contain a high percentage of free fatty acids
  • Saw Palmetto inhibits the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT)
  • Saw palmetto also inhibits the production of the hormone DHT, which is known to increase the size of the prostate
  • Saw palmetto berries provides a source of lipases and carotene
  • Saw palmetto possesses natural anti-estrogen effects

Possible side effects from using Saw Palmetto:

  • Those who are under prescription of hormonal medication should avoid taking it
  • A chemical element found in Saw Palmetto called ‘Beta-sitosterol’ is similar to cholesterol. Therefore, those who have been diagnosed of heart illnesses and high cholesterol problems should avoid taking it.
  • Other possible allergy to the saw palmetto fruits can be found
  • There has been no report on foods that might cause negative interactions when taken in combination with.

Recommended dosage:

  • This depends on the intended treatment. For those who use saw palmetto to treat or relieve the symptoms of prostate disorders in men may take 160-320 milligrams daily.
  • For women, it is best to avoid saw palmetto if you’re pregnant or lactating (breast feeding).

 Saw Palmetto and Breast Enlargement

It is believed that when taken during the follicle phase, it helps lower the testosterone (the male hormone), resulting in more of the estrogen and prolactin making the breasts grow.

Despite no solid scientific evidence has been conducted to support this, there is a lot of positive feedback from women who have said it works.

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