Should You Use Skin Numbing Cream for Dermarolling?

Let’s talk about how to choose the right numbing cream for micro needling.

For deep scar treatment with micro-needling, it can be painful for someone who has lower pain tolerance. Numbing cream can be used to dramatically decrease the discomfort.

It can be painful sometimes for those who are new to derma rolling or skin needling treatments. Numbing cream can certainly help. But there are a few notes to take and a few things to keep in mind.

This post will go into all the details about using numbing cream with derma rollers.


Important – Do not use on Eczema, Active acne, inflamed, red, oily, acne-prone areas, Psoriasis 

01 Prep Your Skin with Cleansing

Start by cleaning your face, with water and a face cleanser. After treatment, you have to wait at least 1 day before washing your face so the wounds are completely closed to avoid contaminants or bacteria from water.

Wash your face with cotton pads soaked in saline water for the first 24 hours after treatment.

02 – Disinfect & Sanitize

Next, clean your dermaroller by leaving it to soak in alcohol for 30 minutes. Dry before use.

After use, clean it with alcohol. Do NOT boil as you can destroy the needles that way.

03 – Keep Your Hands Clean!

Before you begin rolling be sure to wash and sanitize your hands.

04 – Let’s Roll!

Roll in all directions; you can roll an area for approximately 10-20 times. Make sure to lift the roller after each roll.

Avoid using the Derma Roller on your eyelids or lips. If you are using the Dermaroller in the daytime, apply sun protective cream onto the face and neck.

Treat only once per day, up to 5 times per week when using a Dermaroller with 0.5mm needle size.

Treat only once every 3 to 4 weeks when using a Dermaroller with 1.0mm needle size.

For Body

Cleanse body and apply skincare products Roll with just the weight of the roller pressing on the skin never apply force.

With slight pressure roll up and down 4 times in linear/circular directions as shown, Make sure that you cover the entire body using multiple passes.

Focus on areas with stretch marks, cellulite, discoloration, and scars as well as thighs, buttocks, the underside of arms, stomach, areas with hyper/hypopigmentations and lost elasticity. Use for 5-10 minutes. Never use on open pores

For Face

Use for 10-15 minutes. When using the dermaroller, use a crisscross motion from top to bottom; from left to right and diagonally, maximum of ten thousand pores could be easily created in 10 minutes.

The absorbing rate of 100% of functional cosmetics is expected throughout the pores.

Apply moisturizing cream or serum to help keep your skin moisturized. Apply it several times to calm your skin and to avoid skin irritation.

05 – Apply Post-Treatment Serum

After rolling be sure to apply your chosen Vitamin serum to give your skin that needed Vitamin C to repair your skin.

Read More About the Post-Treatment Serums

06 – Take Good Care of your Dermaroller

Finally, after you have finished using your Derma Roller, rinse the device under hot water.

You will need to disinfect your Derma Roller once a week by standing it head first in half a glass of disinfectant (rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide) for approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour (no longer).

Then, remove the Derma Roller from the cup and shake off any excess liquid. Place the Derma Roller on its side on a clean towel to dry.

When it is completely dry, store the Derma Roller back into the original case provided. Try to keep the case as clean as possible and stored in somewhere safe. Regular cleaning not just keeps the roller clean, but also gives it an extended life.

In the nutshell, derma rolling or skin needling can be a great solution to your skin problems including stretch marks and acne scars. As mentioned above, there are many benefits from using derma rollers correctly.

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