Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy Cream Reviews

Does this skin care lotion really work as claimed? As far as we know Skinception or usually called as an Skinception Intensive stretch mark therapy cream is a clinically proven product with a reliable track record.

This stretch mark cream does not only treat your existing stretch marks but also protect your skin from future stretch marks from happening.

This cream is formulated to focus on fading and erasing stretch marks in particular case around your body. Read this Skinception intensive stretch mark therapy reviews until the end since we will cover some vital and important facts on this product ability to work.

This article might be quite long but we are sure the information here is worth to read.

Attention : This is not the official website of Skinception. This is a review website about this stretch mark cream. We had done a deep research from several sources to provide you the accurate facts regarding this cream.

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Skinception stretch mark therapy reviews

We would like to call Skinception as a “smart” stretch mark cream.


Because people behind this cream does understand what is missing in your skin when stretch marks starts to appear. Stretch mark can be caused by many things.

But the most common reason behind all stretch marks is that your skin is producing one hormone called “glucocorticoids”.

The production of this hormone is increasing during weight changes, adolescence, or pregnancy. This hormone is preventing our skin from producing the most important element to have a healthy and taut skin which is collagen and elastin. No wonder stretch marks can grow so easily.

The manufacturer of Skinception stretch mark cream seems to understand very well how stretch mark starts to develop. Based on this important knowledge, this manufacturer of this stretch mark removal cream has made an effective formula to restore the ability of our skin producing collagen and elastin.

That is why Skinception is not only a skin moisturizer. It’s much more than that in our point of view.

How Skinception Works?

Like we mentioned before that Skinception formula has the power and ability to make your body producing again the collagen and elastin that your skin needs to keep it healthy and taut.

How actually this work? The ingredients used by this intensive stretch mark therapy cream is a series of clinically proven active dermaceutical elements. These elements have been tested and proven to be able boosting the production of collagen and elastin.

This process is the main key which has made this cream become a stretch mark removal cream that works. The process of reproducing collagen and elastin will bring back the dermal matrix that will cause your skin start to heal.

What will I get by using Skinception routinely to my stretch marks?

So by applying this cream to parts of your body where stretch marks appears, the damaged skin can be fixed. By using Skinception stretch marks in a daily routine you can see the stretch marks fading even disappear. Beside boosting your collagen and elastin production here are some changes you can notify by using Skinception every day.

1. Get back the skin elasticity

2. The purple and red discoloration will fade slowly

3. Bring back your skin tone

4. Smoothening the wrinkles

And finally your stretch mark will be fading.

Does Skinception works?

Well, this might be the most asked question about this stretch mark cream. Are there any strong reasons to believe this stretch mark cream will work?

Sure there is. Take a look of this facts. Skinception intensive stretch mark therapy cream is not all in one skin care cream. This cream is 100% focusing on reducing stretch marks only. This skin care cream is a combination of 4 main active ingredients.

Skinception only use ingredients that has been clinically proven to work. Here are those 4 main active ingredients.

  • Regestril. After testing this ingredients to 13 woman with post pregnancy stretch marks for 2 months the result was astounding. They have seen a great improvement in the depth of stretch marks. It was reduced up to 72,5%.
  • Darutoside. After 4 weeks applying this element to the volunteers who had a stretch marks the length of the stretch mark have reduced 52%. Take a look of the real report of the studies.
  • Pro-Sveltyl. The regenerative effect this element bring is an important part of reducing the visibility of stretch marks. This ingredient also does a great job as an collagen promoter which will be crucial part in skin repairing process. This ingredient is also used in many cellulite cream since the cause of cellulite and stretch marks are almost same. In fact we can call cellulite as one of several form of stretch marks. Here is the report of the study we found about this ingredient.
  • Pro-Coll-One+. In 56 days of testing this ingredients, the participant have noticed 78% in their skin smoothness. This ingredient is able to boost extremely the collagen amount to 1190%. Take a look the report we found about this ingredient.

Those are the active ingredients used in Skinception stretch mark cream. The blending of those 4 main ingredients have made this lotion become a very effective and strong stretch mark removal cream.  We have not found any other stretch mark cream using this 4 potent yet safe ingredients in one cream like Skinception does.


At the moment Skinception is the only cream using those active ingredients. Each of them have been tested and bring a real result. So there is a big reason to say that this lotion for stretch marks does work.

Doctor’s Recommendation

Here is another fact that we considers very vital to increase the trust level of this cream. Skinception is recommended by Dr. Dave David, MD. Well for sure this is not the main factor to decide does a cream work or not, but you don’t see many creams recommended by a doctors. A doctor will not put her reputation on some unknown or “not working” product.

Click play to see the video of what Dr. Dave David, MD says about this skin care cream.

Reasons to believe in Skinception

So here is our short conclusion of several facts that makes us believe that this stretch mark cream has a big chance to work.

1. Clinically studied active ingredients were used. Each of the ingredients has been proven to show significant result to fading stretch mark. Clinical studies is hard to deny because an intensive and strict testing has been done.

2. Doctor recommendation. We had compared more than 9 well know stretch mark creams and Skinception is the one which is backed up with a Doctor recommendation

Those are 2 factors that made us confident to recommended this cream.

How to use Skinception stretch mark cream?

This cream is really easy to use. Just take this cream and apply it to the areas where stretch marks appear. The cream amount you should take deepens on the size of the stretch mark.

After applying it give it some time to absorb. That’s it. To reach maximum result you should use this cream everyday routinely. 1 jar of Skinception is meant to last for 1 month. But it also depends on how many stretch marks you have. It is recommended to use this cream for 3 months to get the best result.

The interesting part is that you can use this cream to prevent stretch marks. So you can use this cream as a part of your daily skin treatment.

What if Skinception does not work at all?

Many users are worried about spending money on some products that will not work. Should you be worried to buy Skinception stretch mark removal cream? No you don’t.

Why? Because the manufacturer of this cream provide you with 90 days money back guarantee. It means you will get your money back if by 90 days you are not satisfied with the result. Nothing to lose except stretch marks.

Reasonable Facts You Need to consider

We have to be honest to say, that there is no product which will 100% work for everyone, no exception for Skinception. Result might be different from one user to other user. So in case you have heard that this cream does not work from other sources there will be 2 possibilities.

The first one is that Skinception simply does not work for that customer. In this case you can ask for refund before 90 days past.

The second reason, and we thing it is the most common reason why there are several customer saying this cream does not work is they haven’t use this cream long enough, OR they started to use this cream after the stretch mark has formed for a long time. We saw a similar pattern from most unhappy users, they have not used this stretch mark cream for long enough. Most of them have not even finish their first jar.

You must understand that there is no a instant way to fade and erase stretch marks. It takes time since it’s a “process”. Skinception it self recommend the users to use it for at least 3 months to see the best result. It does not make sense if you think you can fade a 3-6 years stretch marks only in 1 month.

So here is our recommendation. If you want to fade stretch marks that has been there for several years you need to be patient and use this cream for 3 months or more. This way you can really see the ingredients working. If you are in the early stage where your skin start to stretch do not waste more time, use this treatment as soon as possible. It is much more easier to fade and erase new formed stretch marks. And you also will have a chance to prevent the marks spread by taking action earlier.

Where to buy Skinception Stretch Mark Removal Cream?

You can find many online stores selling this product. But we only recommend you to buy Skinception from the official website. By purchasing Skinception from it the official website you will get the 90 days money back guarantee, you will get the “real” cream(not a fake one), and you will get some special discount and offers. Here is the Skinception price list and the special offers.

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