Stomach Flattening Exercises for Women

Exercises For Abs

exercise to flatten stomach

If you want to go through these exercises you need to know that they can be hard to do in the beginning, especially when you haven’t worked out in a long time.

There are dozens of stomach flattening exercises, fitness classes and products to sculpt and strengthen the abdominal muscles. Exercises for abs are very common exercises for the novice and elite athletes.

Some of these moves can really work and get you that sexy stomach and slimmer waistline you’ve always dreamed of.

Again, the key is commitment and persistence.

The tips here is start imagining yourself already having those mean abs, and you will soon have them. (When you combine that thought with the workout of course!)

Important thing to remember is that there are many moves that are not effective and can cause serious injuries.

You just need to be very careful while performing the exercises and should do a little research to get some good knowledge.

If you are in hope of getting a strong core and a flat stomach you should perform some specific abdominal exercises which work on all the abdominal muscles.

These exercises include dynamic moves that integrate multiple muscles and work the abs in a more useful way. By doing so you can burn more calories, reduce your body fat and trim the middle, through your workouts.

Few exercises for flat abs are listed below:

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(Nutrition plan and workout to get abs)

  • Take a ball, lie on it so that ball rests under the mid and the lower back while placing your hands behind the head. Keep the ball stable and now contract the Abs to lift from ball. Pull the bottom of ribcage down towards the hips.
  • Lie down so as your face is up on the floor fold your fingers behind the head, bring the knees to the chest and now lift the shoulders off the floor without pulling the neck straighten the right leg simultaneously turning the upper part of the body to the left. Do this by switching to the sides and now bring the left elbow towards the right knee. This should be repeated at least 12-14 times.
  • Other exercise is to keep the ball under the ankles and roll it with the feet, as it tightens the Abs into crunch.
  • The next exercise for the Abs is sitting on the ball with straight spine and hands behind the head, contracting the Abs and lifting the right feet, tapping it on the ball. Do this with both the legs.

You can start these Abs exercises with variety of tools for building core strength, initially you should start with 10-12 reps of each exercise, then later can continue to perform one to three sets of 10-16 reps.

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