Summer Cosmetics Makeup by Vasanti Cosmetics

No one wants to wear a lot of makeup in the summer. Vasanti Cosmetics provides great summer cosmetics makeup options that go on light, look natural, and will help provide benefits to the skin as well. A summer makeup look will be easy to accomplish with these great products on hand.

Summer Eye Makeup Products by Vasanti Cosmetics

Eye makeup for summer should be neutral eye shadows that shimmer is the light of the sun. By wearing shimmery eye shadows, the summer makeup look will give a more youthful appearance.

  • Manhattan 24/7 Eye Colour Palette: Vasanti Cosmetics offers three eye palettes, the Manhattan is the perfect summer colors consisting of five shades with fun names like Wall Street, Tribeca and Times Square. The colors are neutral, natural shades that will work for all skin tones.
  • Casablanca Eye Shadow: This gorgeous shimmering champagne gold is the perfect base color for a summer makeup look. It looks beautiful on tan skin. The Casablanca eye shadow can also be applied as a highlighter for the cheeks as well.

Summer Makeup Bronzer and Body Shimmer Powders

Apply a makeup bronzer to the face during the summer for subtle highlights and a sun-kissed look. Body shimmer powders can do the same for an entire body glimmer.

  • Andes Blush/Bronzer: It is rare to find a makeup bronzer that will work for all skin tones but the Andes Blush/Bronzer will do the trick. Apply as a blush to the apples of the cheeks or apply to the forehead, chin and tip of the nose for a sun-kissed look.
  • The Bronze Age Shimmer Powder: This is a loose powder that can be applied anywhere to the body. Use as an highlighter for the eyes, cheeks, on the decollete and try a little on the legs when wearing a short sundress. The rays of the sun will pick up on the shimmer for a golden, beach look.

Summer Lip Makeup

Vasanti lip balm is more than lip makeup, it will help condition, smooth and protect lips. The lip balms contain sunscreen and natural products like Shea butter, mango butter, meadowfoam seed oil, sunflower oil and olive oil.

  • Colombia Tinted Lip balm: Providing a medium, neutral brown the Columbia Tinted Lip balm will be great for day or night.
  • St Lucia Tinted Lip balm: More of a natural color, St Lucia Tinted Lip balm will provide a nude lip color.

These great summer cosmetic makeup options are available for purchase by Vasanti Cosmetics online and select retail stores.

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