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I know you’re tired of not being able to achieve in having a flabby stomach. Everyone longs for a flat stomach and firm and solid. Having a flat belly is a dream of most women, while “six pack” (pack of six) is a dream for most men. We all know how difficult it is to get it, but not entirely impossible. Almost everyone has the problem of the “spare tire”. Each person has different body types and external factors can affect different too. So, people have many types of body shape, they are of “pear-shaped or apple.” These body shapes actually describes the areas of your body where fat is likely to stay.

exercise to flatten stomach

If you have more fat accumulated around your belly, it is almost certain that your body has the shape of an apple and if you have the majority of their body fat around hips and thighs, then it will be “pear-shaped”. Many people turn to liposuction for it. And that’s not the option for everyone simply because of the cost and the pain and danger of the process of cosmetic surgery. Therefore, it is always better to go natural, but how exactly do you do that?

It helps to have a strict diet, eating certain foods as well as doing some exercise. But that’s not enough to get rid of it. Unfortunately, belly fat is not easy to banish. The truth is that there is no specific method to lose your belly fat. No magic pills either. When you lose weight with proper diet and exercise, you will find that the fat in the upper body is much easier to lose than those below the abdomen area. This is because fat is hidden around your belly, or what is known as visceral fat is more metabolically active and easier to lose than those in the other areas.

In fact, a person may have obtained the risk of belly fat from young age through excess baby fat. It is also closely related to one’s genetics. But often occurs when someone gains weight and have excess fat in your body through a diet without control.

The final formula to lose tummy fat is to lose weight and keep it off, eat healthy, controlled-calorie and exercise regularly (about 40-50 minutes per day).

What you must do to lose belly fat:

Just like what is written above, so all you have to do is lose a little more weight slowly. This will include a combination of low-fat, calorie-controlled diet and exercise.

  • Eat foods that are low in saturated fat, high in fiber and protein and moderate amounts of carbohydrates. In short, have a healthy meal and accompany them with vegetables, fruits, whole grains, protein (fish, egg white), beans, nuts, seeds and very little fat. (Consume only the use of unsaturated fats for consumption).
  • Get more exercise. The more weight you lose, the more you will also lose belly fat. Both aerobics and other sports help cardiovascular function. The cardiovascular exercises include basketball, football, handball and swimming, etc.

How to know if you have excess belly fat?

You can measure your belly simply by waist size. If your waist is over 40 inches (men) or 35 inches (for women), you have too much belly fat and risk for heart disease and other conditions arising.

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