Tava Tea – Is It The Best Green Tea for Health and Weight Loss?

You might have heard of green tea and its miraculous benefits before. But you’re still wondering what it is about this tea that makes it so special. Maybe you wonder, ‘does drinking green tea really help you lose weight?’.

Many studies show that the extract EGCg in green tea helps you boost metabolism and burn more calories. This delicious beverage is also rich in antioxidant properties. Tava tea is one of the better ones on the market and this article will answer the following questions about this particular tea;

  • What are the health benefits?
  • Can it help you lose weight?
  • What you have to look for when buying this tea?

 What are the health benefits?

This awesome beverage is made up of three of the most popular tea ingredients from Japan and China. It is made up of Sencha, Puerh, and Oolong, and these ingredients combined promote good health and ideal weights. What makes it the best weight loss tea? The following are the benefits.

Your metabolism would greatly be enhanced, and your digestive system would be at its best. Some people actually think of it as best tea for weight loss (and it seems to be the trend here in 2013). This tea would make you burn fat faster, as well as absorb and burn energy better than normal.

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Another benefit of the tea is its antioxidant properties; these antioxidants would clean your body of the toxins and the free radicals that might get in the way of the weight loss effects of the tea. These antioxidants would also prevent heart and degenerative brain diseases.

Drinking this tea does not only give you the chance to be at your ideal weight. It also gives you the chance to be in your best health. However, the benefits do not stop there. Drinking this green tea would not only make you feel better, as it would also make you look better too. Studies have shown that Oolong, which is one of the three main ingredients in the tea, could actually improve skin conditions, and give you a generally better-looking skin.

Its Health Benefits Include;

  • It is an amazing all natural fat blocker
  • Helps to Lower Cholesterol
  • Boosts Immunity & is loaded with antioxidants
  • Is also a natural carb blocker
  • Helps rejuvenate the skin too.
  • Increases fat burning by 127% more than green tea.

What does it consist of?

I am sure that if you read this much about this tea then you are wondering what this tea consists of.  It is a blend of 100% certified organic Sencha, Wuyi Cliff, and Puerh teas.

This is the most refined and rarest tea blends in the world. When drinking this beverage regularly you can boost your immune system, fight harmful oxidants, and be to burn off more fat at the same time. Not to mention that you are really getting the most unique and beneficial tea in the world.  The thing is that these tea blends are very rare and that you are truly getting a very special tea blend that comes from protected parts of the world.

can tava tea help you lose weight

Why should you be taking it?

I am here to tell you that with all the drug recalls that are going on in the world and not knowing what you are getting that the Tava Tea is a safe weight loss alternative.  This tea has got to be one of the safest and straightforward weight loss teas ever.

I would also like to add that this is got to be the safest form of a weight loss supplement that I have ever had as it is all natural and there are no chemicals that you are going to have to worry about.

Not only is this tea good for weight loss and all the wonderful health benefits that I have mentioned earlier but it is also a great pick me up.  This amazing beverage has been proven to boost your mood and make you feel great.

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Take note that you are burning 2.5 more calories per cup than when you drink regular green tea.  It is also proven to slow down the signs of aging as this tea has so many awesome benefits.

I have also discovered that drinking 2 cups or more of this delicious tea a day has been proven to lower your chances of developing heart disease by 26%. I find that awesome as this is another great reason that you should be putting this into your diet on a regular basis.

I am not here to sell you on this product as there has already been numerous praise from top celebrities such as Racheal Ray and Oprah Winfrey.  The Tava tea is truly the cream of the crop when it comes to the best green tea weight loss teas that are available today

Final word

I am here to tell you that I am more than satisfied by taking Tava tea.  There are no nasty side effects that you have to worry about as this is an all natural supplement. Tava tea is currently one of the most competitive products in the market, and it is made up of only the best quality ingredients, to give you health and weight loss benefits that other teas in the market could only dream of giving. Though it has been created to help people lose weight, nobody would be able to deny that it does have several favorable effects on the health too.

Here’s the recommended brand of Tava Tea

Tava Tea Reviews

Why we recommend this brand;

  • This brand is organically grown (with USDA Organic Certification)
  • Reusable tea bags for 6-8 cups of tea (we recommend at least 3 cups for maximum results)
  • Very delicious (do not add milk for weight loss purpose)
  • They offer a money back guarantee! Nothing for you to lose, but the unwanted body fat!


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