Teardrop Breast Implants

When a woman goes into the doctor’s office to find out about getting breast implants, they will talk about the reasons why the implants are needed, what the procedure will involve and which shape the woman would like her breasts to be in. There are two basic shapes and they are the rounded breast implant and teardrop breast implants.


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The teardrop breast implants have grown to become a very popular type of implant due to the fact that it creates a more natural looking breast. But there are factors to consider when trying to decide on what size and which shape the breast is going to end up being. The doctor needs to consider the patient size and body type, the amount of breast tissue that the patient already has, whether the teardrop breast implants are going to be submuscular or subglandular, and exactly where the incision during the surgery is going to be place because they can make the incision in the armpit, beneath the breast, near the naval, or around the areola.

To explain the submuscular and subglandular positioning of the teardrop breast implants, the difference is the teardrop breast implant is either put under the pectoral muscle or it is put on top of the pectoral muscle and under the mammary gland. The doctor will determine whether the teardrop breast implants will be better placed submuscular or subglandular.

Most women have chosen the rounded breast implants because they tend to give a more fuller look to their breasts, but they are not so natural. Usually if you are looking at two women with breast implants but you don’t know that both of them have breast implants and you have to guess which one has them and which one doesn’t, statistics show that 98% of the time, the woman without the teardrop breast implant will be chosen as having breast implants.

This is why more women are now going with the teardrop breast implants because they are so natural looking that you just cannot tell if she has breast implants or not. The teardrop breast implants are good but also more expensive than that of the rounded breast implants.

A definite problem with the teardrop breast implants is if the implant rotates in any way, the breast will become distorted and something would have to be done with it right away or it may lead to more complications. They have a textured surface in order to prevent this from happening but it is a consideration because you don’t have this problem with the rounded breast implants.

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