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Ten Great Summer Make-up Products: Good Buys and Useful Products for the Holiday Season.

The Top Ten Summer Makeup Products:

  1. Tinted Moisturizer: This is lightweight and hydrating, offering less coverage than a regular foundation in exchange for a natural feel. It is usually sheer enough to wear with a tan and often contains an SPF. Products with soothing ingredients such as aloe or non-chemical sunscreens can also help to protect skin that suffers in the heat.
  2. Bronzing Gel: Gel products feel fresh on the skin and are less likely to clog pores in summer, when the skin often produces more sebum than at other times. Bronzing gel is a fabulous alternative to tinted moisturizer, offering no coverage but imparting a dewy, tanned glow. The best bronzing gels are dark yet easy to blend to a sheer glow with fingertips. Avoid anything too orange, yellow or shimmery that can start to look sticky in the heat.
  3. Mineral Make-up: Pure mineral foundations come in powder form, feeling very light on the skin. The allow it to breath and by nature usually contain a sunblock. Layer over tinted moisturizer for a made-up summer occasion; this will feel light yet look picture perfect.
  4. Tinted Lip Balm: Conditioning ingredients are always comfortable, but a slick of sheer tint in the summer looks fresh and will not smear. Many of these products also contain a sun screen and can help protect from sun burn or blisters.
  5. Matte Lipstick: Traditional matte lipsticks provide vibrant color where needed. In the summer these look cool and polished when the usual satin, creamy textures start to melt off.
  6. Pressed Powder Compact: For anyone who wears foundation in the summer, this will blot away shine. A sheer formula in a good color will be much less likely to look chalky or caked.
  7. Body Glow: This comes in many formulas from hydrating bronzed oils, to liquid stocking type products. The right sheer, sheeny product gives that magazine polish to bare arms and legs. This is how make-up artists for editorial and film work get models and actors to look so picture perfect. it is a must for summer dresses or special occasions.
  8. Bright Nail Polish: Summer is a great time to update a look with bright nail polish on fingers or toes. Nice polish makes summer sandals look fabulous and can brighten up an outfit without going overboard.
  9. Bronzing Powder: A classic summer product and the best quick fix for summer make-up. Dust this over tinted moisturizer or foundation, or simply use alone for a healthy glow. As a rule the gold-brown and peachy colors look the most natural, depending on skin color. Very warm shades are for people who are happy to look extremely bronzed. Bronzing powder can be dusted all over with a large brush, or used on forehead and cheek bones for a contoured tan. Add some blusher for freshness or keep this simple and use alone.
  10. Cake Eyeliner: This is a traditional liquid liner which comes in a pan, is mixed with water and painted on with any number of brushes. Pointed brushes can achieve a variety of flicks whilst a flat brush will add depth to lashes when used to paint liner into the lash line. It is fabulous for summer because unlike pencil, it seldom smudges or melts in the heat.


General Summer Makeup Tips:

  • To avoid streaked make-up on the beach, consider an eyelash tint.
  • Remember to cleanse skin really well in the summer in order to keep it feeling fresh and free from spots and oily pores.
  • If prone to shining or oily skin then look for oil-free products, which will feel lighter and cleaner on the skin in hot weather.

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