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Ten Steps to Beautiful Hair: Learn About Hair Loss and Thinning in Women

These 1o steps are crucial not only for your hair health but also help prevent hair loss;

  1. Eat a balanced diet. Natural beauty really does come from good health. Make sure you eat a variety of fruits and vegetables throughout the day – from a rainbow of colors. Good nutrition keeps hair follicles healthy.
  2. Thyroid problems are correctable, and can be a contributing cause of thinning hair in women. Speak with your doctor or pharmacist about medications you might be taking that could contribute to hair loss, brittleness or thinning. Blood pressure medications are a common culprit, but the good news is there are many drugs available. Discuss a new medicine approach with your doctor if you suspect that hair loss is caused by your current prescription.
  3. Patchy hair loss is usually due to hormonal imbalances and autoimmune disorders that can be corrected once a definite diagnosis is made. Anyone recovering from flu, high fever or infections might experience hair loss. Follow a healthy diet, doctor’s instructions for activity and exercise. Your recovery will be a success-including the healthy look of your hair. Be aware that anemia is another potential cause of hair loss.
  4. Eliminating stress can lead to better overall health, and contribute to a thick healthy mane. When we’re stressed, we likely unknowingly tug, pull and run our fingers through our hair frequently. Stress increases cortisol levels in the bloodstream – a stress hormone that causes inflammation and poor vascular health.
  5. Don’t pull your hair tightly into a ponytail or braids. Damage can occur to the hair shaft, causing hair loss and breakage.
  6. If you color your hair, follow the directions. Hair bleaching and coloring products, left too long, will damage the hair, making it thin and dry. There are natural hair coloring products available, but you may have to seek them out at your local natural product retailer.
  7. Don’t shampoo or brush too often. Your hair wants to be treated gently. Damage occurs when we overdo hair products of any kind. Let your hair rest – it needs it too.
  8. If you suffer from genetic hair loss, Minoxidil can plump up the hair. You can buy it over the counter at your local pharmacy. Hair replacement or weaves can provide anyone who has genetic hair loss with a healthier look. No one said beautiful hair has to be all your own.
  9. Find a flattering hairstyle. If you have a genetic problem with thinning hair that defies correction, you can find ways to camouflage flaws. Speak with a professional stylist. Don’t be afraid to splurge (when the time is right) for good advice and expertise.
  10. Keep allergies under control. Itching, dryness and flaking of the scalp may be a sign of allergy that can affect overall health, including hair damage. Ask your doctor for a referral to an allergy specialist for testing.

Over twenty-five million women suffer from some type of hair loss, according to estimates – it’s a common complaint that can cause loss of self image. Do your best to determine the cause – once you understand the reasons for the problem, you’ll be able to find your way back to beautiful hair – even if it can’t be your own.

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