The Perfect Brew of Green Tea

how to brew green tea leaves

The perfect cup of green tea lies not only in the quality of the tea itself but also in the brewing process. Green tea is generally served hot however can be served iced as a cold refreshing beverage.

To optimize the health and aesthetic properties of tea, it needs to be brewed properly. The brewing process may vary slightly according to the type of tea. The instructions on the tea packet should always be read and followed to optimize tea flavor.

Everything, including your mood, can influence the quality of a cup of tea. While there are only a few key variables to brewing the leaf, they each have almost infinite variations that interact in a very dynamic way. Our advice is to follow the tips below and be attuned to your own preferences.

Elements for a good brew:

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  • Water Quality – use good and clean water is a critical element to brewing a good cup of tea. We recommend using fresh filtered water. Once the water is at a full boil remove from heat. The reason for that is because the water that is boiled too long will lose oxygen and becomes flat. Filtered tap water is better for making tea than the bottled water because it has more oxygen.
  • Water temperature – water should not be boiling hot. Once water has been boiled to boiling point (100 degrees), allow it to cool. If green tea is brewed too hot, it will be too bitter. 75-85 degrees (175-180 Fahrenheit) is the ideal temperature. Water temperature may vary depending on the tea. Be sure to follow the instructions on the pack.Only the proper temperature will draw out the best flavors of the leaf. The larger amounts of amino acids found in higher quality green teas, for example, deliver a sweetness that is only drawn out with cooler temperatures. In this case, if the water is too hot, the bitterness and astringency will be released too quickly and overwhelm the sweeter flavors. For most oolongs, on the other hand, the hotter temperatures are critical to getting the top notes of flavor and fragrance. To help in controlling the temperature, warm the cups and vessel beforehand.
  • Vessel – You can brew a good cup of oolong in a large porcelain pot but you will not get the full flavor of the leaves. The excessive amount of air space makes it more difficult to control the temperature. Cups with a white porcelain bottom and hold no more than four ounces can give you better tea drinking experience as for the reason that you can see what’s in the cup at the right amount of tea for you to appreciate its flavor.


  • Ratio of tea to water – usually one heaped teaspoon of tea leaves to 8 ounces of water, that is one teaspoon to per cup of tea, but again this can vary depending on the tea and personal taste.
  • Brewing time – steep or brew tea for around 2-3 minutes. Too long and the tea will taste bitter. Don’t stir, shake or mix the tea either. Green tea is best made in a teapot rather than putting the leaves straight into a tea cup. Because green tea is compact, the tea leaves need room to expand. You may see tiny tea particles floating around. This is normal. The tea will settle to the bottom.
  • Tea Leaves –  As you inspect the leaves before and after steeping, notice the shape and size. With most of our teas, you will see two or three larger leaves with one small bud, indicating that they were picked and carefully selected by hand.

Love the Taste of Green Tea, Love Its Health Benefits Even More!

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Green tea is a superior beverage for its health benefits. It is a preferred option over coffee or hot tea if you want to live longer. Of course, tea should be consumed in moderation and in combination with a healthy lifestyle. It goes without saying that the health benefits of green tea may not necessarily be experienced if say you drink and smoke excessively despite drinking a few cups of green tea a daily.

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Making green tea a part of your daily diet will considerably make you feel more relaxed and certainly on the way to a healthy and longer you. Green tea is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and contains no fat, sugar nor carbohydrates.

Green tea is ideal not only for achieving good health but also maintaining good health. It will have a positive effect on your mind and body. Green tea is simple, light and delicious, and offers many health benefits.

Green tea has become a lot more mainstream than what it used to be, as many turn to green tea for its health benefits. Nowadays many large supermarkets stock a limited variety of green teas. Any Asian grocery store will also stock a variety of green teas. Green tea can also be bought over the Internet and imported from China and Japan online. Green tea is now widely available due to its popularity for its health benefits.

An average of three cups of green tea daily is the recommended serving intake, so why not have a cup with your meal or when you want to relax.

Without a doubt, green tea is the tea that has all other teas green with envy!

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