The Side Effects of Green Coffee Bean Extract

What are the Side Effects of Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Best natural weight and health solution could be in your cup of coffee. Yes, green coffee beans. This means un-roasted coffee that has higher nutritional value than roasted coffee whose nutrients have been partially destroyed during roasting.

However, the extracts have been proven to have several health benefits despite the caffeine if used well by people with no health complications. But research has also shown that there are bits of  side effects or points to note before using the green coffee bean extract.

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Benefits

benefits of green coffee bean extract

  • Chlorogenic acid- the green coffee bean extract has high levels of chlorogenic acid. This natural acid is the key ingredient in making the extract effective in dealing with weight loss. During roasting or modifying green coffee beans the chlorogenic acid decreases and hence becomes of little or no use.
  • Green coffee bean extract contains high level of chlorogenic acid which has a potential of health benefits for the heart, weight loss and even treating diabetes. But it is the weight loss ability that gets it the fame.
  • The acid has a balancing effect  on the body’s blood sugar. This blood sugar level plays a major role in managing weight loss efforts and not forgetting the diabetic control benefits.
  • It consequently reduces hunger and craving for food thus helping one not to want to eat all the time which leads to weight management.
  • Its reducing blood sugar effect also makes the body access stored fat in the body that often lead to weight deposits to be used as fuel for the body needs fuel all round.
  • The bean extract also contains many compounds that benefit the body all round. The compounds help fight cancer and protect memory and further ward off any other diseases

With all these benefits, it is no doubt that many worry if the deal is too good to be true. It is good to note that the best products are always filled with counterfeits in the market trying to get the undoubting customers. Caution should be exercised when purchasing these products to ensure that they are the real beans and not some easy money getter brand on the trend.

Possible Side Effects  of Green Coffee Bean Extract

negative side effects of green coffee bean extractSome documented reports from the users of green coffee bean extract world wide show people complaining of minor stomach cramps. They are minimal compared to the large number that uses the beans and more research to explain the results more is yet to be concluded.

Due to the high caffeine content, it is difficult to effectively deal with patients suffering from bleeding disorders, glaucoma, thinning bones. This is a health precaution that should be taken for those under doctors advice against the caffeine. This also reiterates on the need to seek medical advice before deciding to use the coffee bean extract .

The excess dose of the coffee bean extract may cause headaches and also vomiting in some persons. Caffeine, being an active component, may lead to addiction to the user. It is also noted that caffeine can easily lead to addiction. Although this is not a side effect as much, good behavior and controlled consumption of the coffee is advised.

People who have had liver or kidney problems should avoid using green coffee bean extract. The complications that arise with these key organs can be alarming and it is safe not to expose one to any risks. Though not serious effect is confirmed yet, it is a worthy cause for prolonged safety.

Where to Buy Green Coffee Bean Capsules

where to buy green coffee beans extract

Among the best places to get the real green coffee beans extract I recommend you try verified sources or buy pure green coffee bean capsules’  from sources like Green Coffee Bean Max, here you can get a range of benefits like:

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It is very important for one to know their health condition before using the bean extracts. Due to the high caffeine content, certain precautions are unavoidable and will help one ensure that they are safe using the extracts.

However, there is no solid evidence to keep one from enjoying the benefits of this extract. More research may have to be done to come up with any reason to make you hold back.

Use the supplement as prescribed to maximize the benefits and avoid any possible minor side effects. In most cases, take  400mg – 800 mg a day and not more than directed. By doing so there will be no health implication or side effects.

It is safe to say that unless you have other underlying health complications, using the coffee bean extract is not found to have any side effects.


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