Threading Vs Laser Hair Removal

There are many methods for unwanted hair removal from your body and these can employ both natural and artificial techniques. Threading, waxing and laser treatments are all different ways of reducing body hair.

While some of these methods give temporary results, others like electrolysis and laser therapy offer long lasting results and are therefore more effective for permanent hair removal. Threading and laser hair removal are both practices for hair removal performed by salons and each has its own share of advantages and disadvantages.

Differences In Procedures

Selective photothermolysis is used to do laser hair treatments. Here, heat is inserted into the hair follicles in a certain area and this intensified heat is targeted on specific skin tissues without affecting the tissues of the surrounding areas.

Lasers therefore cause localized damage through heating melanin in an area where there is thick hair growth, but the remaining skin is not disturbed. Since light can be absorbed by darker objects, the laser energy gets absorbed by the skin’s dark material. The whole process is fast and uses intense heat.

Threading is another hair removal technique that is performed manually and can be used on different skin types or different skin colors. Threading is mainly used for getting rid of facial hair unlike laser treatment which may be used to get rid of hair in all parts of the body.

Threading may be done at home but it is best left to skilled professionals in parlors or salons. In threading, a cotton thread is twisted tightly and then moved forwards and backwards to pull out hairs from the roots. This is a rather precise hair removal technique which can help shape eyebrows.

Threading Vs Laser Hair Removal

Threading is cost-effective and does not entail any risks. In contrast, laser treatments are quite expensive and you need to spend a fortune to get permanent hair removal done in multiple sessions.

Threading is however not permanent unlike laser therapy. This means you have to visit the parlor frequently to get threading done whereas the sessions for laser treatments are not so regular.

Results of threading are effective only for a couple of weeks like waxing or tweezing. The results of laser treatments can be permanent for some while for the others, the results are definitely more satisfying than waxing or threading because the treatment guarantees reduced hair growth.

The laser treatments target melanin in hair follicles and use this to go down the hair shaft in order to disable the hair from the roots. Heat is provided to such an extent that the entire hair bulb is damaged and the stem cells which border this hair shaft can never reproduce hair.

Threading takes a few minutes whereas laser treatments are prolonged, each session can take up to several hours.

There is no denying the fact that laser therapy can remove hair permanently. The procedure can be tried on different parts of the body and not simply the face.

However, threading targets the facial hair specifically. This is also the more preferred method used by salon professionals for shaping one’s eyebrows. Laser technology can never give you that perfect shape.

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