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Tips for Dealing with Female Baldness: What Makes Hair Grow Back

Traditionally, women are supposed to have thick, long tresses – at least, that is what society says. Women who are dealing with baldness can quite easily develop low self-esteem and feel that they are less of a woman. While this is certainly not true, most of these women wish to act in order to help their hair grow back quickly.

Luckily, there are some great answers to the question, ‘what makes hair grow back?’ Below, individuals will receive some important tips for dealing with female baldness.

Female Hair Loss – Determine the Reason 

Baldness in females can only be properly treated when the underlying cause is discovered. This is because hair loss happens for many different reasons and the hair will respond differently depending upon the underlying cause of hair loss. For instance, hair that has stopped growing due to chemotherapy, certain medications, stress or change in hormones cannot be grown again with another medication.

The most common thing that makes hair grow back in these situations is time. The female must allow her body the time it needs to regrow the hair.

However, hair that has stopped growing because of other underlying causes like female pattern baldness or something else, can be stimulated to grow in some situations. It’s important for women to visit their doctors and discuss the reason for the female baldness before attempting to treat it.

Try Hair Loss Medications

There are a few different hair loss medications that doctors prescribe which can help stimulate the hair follicles and cause the hair to start growing again. Perhaps the most popular of these is Rogaine, or Minoxidil 5%. This medication is typically used in cases of female pattern baldness, when the follicles are smaller than normal and are not functioning to grow the hair. Females who use this medication have reported new hair growth in about twelve weeks. The medication needs to be used continuously because the new hair that has grown can fall out if the medication stops.

Corticoid steroids are often used to regrow hair, by being injected or applied topically. This medicine suppresses the immune system and stimulates hair to grow. Anthralin is another medication that is traditionally used to treat conditions like psoriasis. While there is a lot of red, flaking skin, it does actually stimulate the hair to grow. To learn more about hair loss medications and hair loss types, visit MSNBC.

Consider Hair Transplants

For women who will not naturally regrow their hair, there are still options. A lot of progress has been made in hair transplants and ways that females can have beautiful, thick hair.

One way of transplanting hair is by using the individual’s own hair and moving it around on the scalp so that the hair covers the whole head evenly without being thin. If there is not enough hair, the physician can often use ‘donor’ hair, which typically comes from deceased individuals.

Using a method called ‘scalp stretching,’ doctors can use patches of the individual’s existing hair to fill the head full of hair. There are many options that women have and they should speak to their physician about the choice that would best suit them. To learn more about hair transplants and procedures, visit Bernstein Medical.

With the information above, women can learn to deal with female baldness and how to deal with it. Using the tips, women can decide which course is best for them to take.

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