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 This Total Curve review was updated in February, 2019.

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  Those of you who are reading this Total Curve review here right now must have heard something great about the product somewhere else before you got here right?

It’s not a surprise because this product is among one of the popular breast enhancement systems there is today. But if you heard about it for the first time here, let me tell you briefly about this product…

Total Curve breast enhancement system 

Herbal supplements that are supposed to act as female hormone or estrogen to effectively and safely promote breast tissue growth and increase the firmness of the breasts.

But that can only happen when you take the supplement at the right amount. And that’s where Total Curve breast enhancement pills come in.

The supplementary pills in Total Curve system contain carefully selected herbs, antioxidants, nutrients, and hormone balancers so there’s no need for you to go out and buy a whole bunch of different things and put them together in good proportions yourself.

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Total Curve’s breast enhancement gel for breast massage contains the patented Volufiline as the main ingredient.

According to the manufacturer, the ingredient is clinically proven to increase the overall size of the breasts by 8.4% within the first 2 months of using regularly (twice a day with massage).

It is claimed that the gel is to promote the body’s natural storage of fat cells around the areas it is applied.

Since breasts consist mostly of fat cells, the breasts are the expected to be more plumped and full after consistent using.

lab results from using total curve

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What others have said about the product…

Total Curve before and after photos and testimonials

“The whole getting bigger breasts with no surgery is still new to me and I am just experimenting different stuff on the market and Total Curve is my first go. I don’t want to mess up my hormonal balance. Someone from a breast enhancement forum advised that I should start taking the pills on the first day of my luteal phase and I did.

As the result, my cycle didn’t get messed up. My breasts felt itching in the first week. I just finished the first month and felt that my bras are getting too tight. I don’t know if it’s placebo but I feel I’ve grown a full cup size in one month with this. So I’m quite happy with the results so far.” –  Janet, Dallas, TX

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“A friend warned me before about the breakouts I would get when started natural breast enhancement products. But I haven’t really experienced major breakouts from using Total Curve. I noticed that there were a few pimples after 3-5 days of taking the supplement pills, and then my face cleared up afterwards. I’m on the 3rd bottle now and the breakouts didn’t happen on the second or third month of using.

In terms of the size, I’ve measured the increase of ½ cup size so far. It’s not impressive but it’s a work in progress and it shows that I’m slowly growing. I knew that it wouldn’t make me super busty right after 3 months as most remedies take up to 1 year to actually tell the obvious improvement. So far I’m sticking with the Total Curve!” – Ellen – Wheeling, IL

Our verdict on the product

We cannot stress it enough that many natural breast enhancement remedies and products Do Work if you work them. I’m not saying that every product out there on the market works.

You simply need to look for reviews and most importantly, the products need to be approved by US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) and are produced strictly based on the rules of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

Total Curve is definitely FDA approved and has earned the certification from GMP.

The ingredients in Total Curve, based on our knowledge of the natural breast enhancement remedies, are active ingredients and are powerful yet safe phytoestrogens.

Here is the list of the herbs in Total Curve pills

Supplementary pills contain;

  • Buckwheat Leaves/Flowers
  • Fennel Seed
  • Dong Quai Root
  • Damiana Leaf
  • Blessed Thistle
  • Hops
  • Watercress Leaves/Shoots
  • Black Cohosh Root
  • Wild Yam Root


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Massage gel contains ;

  • The secret ingredient is Volufiline™ – it’s lip-filling agent that plumps up skin
  • Aloe Vera Extract
  • Bearberry Extract
  • Algae Extract
  • Mango Butter
  • Vitamin C
  • Caffeine
  • Purified water, propylene glycol, carbomer, triethanolamine, vegetable glycerin, hydroxyethylcellulose, methylparaben, STR multi-peptide complex, natural and artificial flavors and preservatives.

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Many real consumers have come back with positive feedback and experience with this product. Some only see an increase inpatented volufiline in total curve firmness after 2 weeks of using and a small increase in cup size after 56 days. Some people took slightly longer to see the effects.

In general, we can comfortably say that 75% of users have gotten improvement from using Total Curve in the time frame of 2 months.

Any possible side effects?

There are certain things that you can expect when using any kind of natural breast enhancement products which are as listed;

  • Some women experience slight mood swing in the beginning. That’s the natural response to increased estrogen levels just like your PMS.
  • Some women experience some breakouts. Again, this is something to expect from any kind of natural breast enhancement products. Different people react differently to different herbs.

Where to buy Total Curve?

Unfortunately, Total Curve is not available at any local stores. You can only get it online and I found that the official website has the best offer. You can enjoy the limited-time offer (6-month supply and get 30% off the total price or USD$20 discount per one-month supply).  Plus, you will also be given 60-day satisfaction or your money back guarantee, that’s not granted anywhere else!

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*** You can Get a Free 1 Year Supply of Total Curve***

The company is offering you a chance to get a free 1 full year supply of their product under the condition that you send in a hand-written testimonial, of what Total Curve™ has done for you after at least three months.

If your testimonial is chosen to be shown on their website, you will win the supply of one full year.


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Total Curve FAQ

What is Total Curve ?

Total Curve is the most highly rated breast enlargement program that we have tried, because it provides both external and internal boost to your youthful appearance of your breasts. Our readers have said the same and expressed how happy they are with the product.

Is Total Curve permanent?

The results may last permanently as long as you don’t have drastic weight loss. I’d recommend that you get on the program at least once a year to maintain the gains.

Total Curve Ingredients

For the supplements, the ingredients are;

Buckwheat Leaves/flowers – strengthens the capillaries and improves circulation, boosts collagen production.

Fennel Seed – Phytoestrogens that balance female hormones, alleviate PMS and menopause symptoms, and support breast tissue growth

Dong Quai – increases progesterone production (the hormone linked to breast development)

Damiana Leaf – known as a natural mild aphrodisiac, boosts progesterone production and the production of milk and breast tissue.

Blessed Thistle – great for relieving symptoms in menopause

Hops – may reduce hot flashes and boosts collagen production in skin.

Black Cohosh Root – A very potent phytoestrogen.

Wild Yam Root

In the Total Curve massage gel, the ingredients are;

Sarsasapogenin which has been proven to stimulate lipogenesis, the creation and expansion of fat cells. Other ingredients are caffeine, vitamin C, mango butter, algae extract, bearberry extract, and aloe vera extract.

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