Transformation from Male to Female

It made me realize that all these expensive femininity stuffs that I have bought will all be just wasted beautifying products of a man in drag if I don’t know the complete tactics on how to have a successful male to female transformation.

At first, when I’ve heard it from a friend, I thought that the guide would be very expensive. But, I was totally stunned that the price is very affordable.

Before I got an encounter with that friend- who is now a beautiful woman that couldn’t even be mistaken as a gay- I was very active in visiting websites that tackles more about male to female transformations.

Some were irritating, I should say. With all those banners and pop ups of offensive transgender images and stories that a full-blown crossdresser wouldn’t even like to read; continual reading tends to be very degrading.

I know that you’ve been on those websites, too.  Haven’t you felt the same way?

However, those were the thing of the past.  I’ve been in the publishing industry for almost 6 years now and I got all sort of connections with different books and magazines about transsexuals but those resources weren’t really concentrating on the main thing that people like us wants to know.   But with the book that I was trying to mention earlier, the operation “TRANSFORMATION MALE TO FEMALE”, that I’ve once ventured many years back, continued smoothly.

When I’ve finally decided to purchase the online guide for male to female transformation, I thought “This is impossible”.  I studied with the book a lot.  Had carefully followed all the comprehensive instructions that was provided and, here I am, nobody is going to think that my father had actually asked me to join the military once.  The guideline provides efficient solution to cross-dressers and it’s not going to deceive you that everything can be fulfilled easily.

I do believe that it was just fitting because being successful with your male to female transformation entails hard work and perseverance.

What funny is, I’ve actually shared bits of information to my closest ladies when they started bugging me with emails and text messages as they’ve started to notice the change in me.  And, as clever as I am, I contacted the author of the guide and invited her to work with me since I work with writings and articles myself.

We agreed that I can distribute copies of the guide and I am so happy that I am just not helping myself but I’m also on into helping my girls.

Basically, the guide contains nothing but helpful tips about everything and anything that a crossdresser NEEDS to know.  It’s more or less 150 pages of sound advice about must-have tools like:

  • Breast forms – How to make sure that a breast form product suits you.  Resources to where you can buy reliable breast forms used by successful crossdressers world wide that will help you make proper decisions.
  • Waist Cincher – Have you seen those Las Vegas performers that get all the attention with their hourglass figures?  You will absolutely achieve something like that if you only know what brand to trust when it comes to waist cincher.
  • Cache sex – We, cross dressers, have this habit of hiding our man’s lump because even if you go out looking so girly and that lump of yours shows off then you must know that the party’s over, girl.
  • Hair Remover – Ouch! That is the word. Painful, it is. However, the guide will be providing you with tips on what part of your body needs most of those hair removals with no swelling and almost no pain at all.
  • Wigs – Bring out your character when you’re able to wear the proper wigs that are inexpensive and durable.
  • Make-up Kits – Stand out and package yourself the way you wanted people to see you.  You know that there are two kinds of women, right?  The one that is hardly recognize in the crowd and the other one that people talked about, huh?  Well, you can actually pick.  Sure you’d like to have all the glamour a girl could get and you’ll learn all the dos and don’ts on that book.

There is more to life than those material things and those are personality and attitudes that you must develop to become a woman.  The book also covers them.

  • How to obtain that female voice you’ve been trying hard for.
  • How to smell like that natural perfume brought about by a woman’s scent.
  • How to act and behave like you’ve never been a man before.

It was a total hit.

Where Can I Get Started?

I understand I’ll be downloading the entire Male to Female Tranformation Guide for a tiny one-time investment when I act now!

I also realize I have nothing left to lose, since you’re generous enough to offer me a 60 day money-back guarantee if I’m unsatisfied in any way.

Get It Here

My friend, Brianna, who is Brian during daylight and who once can’t get enough on having man to man dates almost every weekend, is now getting tired of gorgeous guys calling her and waiting around for her for another date.  And, she is Brian no more.

Do you like to hear something personal?  Well, I move into another building after getting these wonderful male to female transformations.  Oh! Don’t get me wrong. I just moved there to get a bigger home office.  The landlord of the new apartment, who is smoking hot, never stopped asking me for a date.  He even asked me if I wanted my apartment for free, if I will agree to be his girlfriend.

Male To Female Transformations

Now, look at that.  He is only one of the few admirers I got after joining a pageant in our place.  And, about that pageant, sadly, I haven’t brought home the bacon but, guess who claimed the crown, my friend Louise who was once Bernard when we are still in college.  Louise bought the book from me two months before joining the pageant. Isn’t that interesting?

I got all these extraordinary information in an instant. But, think about how the author comes up with this terrific art.  This bunch of reliable information cost the author thousands of dollars for programs enrollment and seminars which she’d thought are endless.  All those books and video tapes cost Jamie Young, the author, hundreds of dollars as well.  And, I’ve got this book for only $39.95.  “I’d be such a fool if I don’t take advantage of this offer”, this is what I told myself when I first hear about it.  I actually thought it would cost me way higher than that.

By the way, ladies, Jamie Young is just like us, a crossdresser.  Aspired and succeeded.  Now, you can, too.  I’ll be giving the CROSS DRESSING GUIDE to you with just the same amount because I do believe that we all deserve to be accepted.  And you will, just wait until you get a hold of those man to female transformation tricks, various methods on how to perfectly disguise yourself and more beautification tips.

I am very confident about this offer that is why I personally contacted Jamie Young for this.  I am so confident that I am ready to risk it all.  You get the book for $39.95 and read along.  If you think that you haven’t got a file of information thrice as relevant as what you’ve paid then I’ll give your money all back to you. Yes, you’ve read it right.  I’ll be refunding that, girl!

There’s more.  Jamie Young added some offers to you ladies.  She’ll be giving away a copy of two of her most undeniably helpful pieces.

    “Online & Offline Resources for the Transgendered” originally cost $30.  She’ll be including this bonus on your $39.95 package.  With this book are listings of where a transgender could get medical and psychological assistance if needed.  In this bonus, Jamie Young shared all her most reliable sources of crossdresser products that I’ve personally use for my male to female transformation.  Those were really great and comfortable.

“Changing Your Identity Report” is another bonus on the list.  This book originally cost $20 and you’ll be getting it for free when you purchase the Cross Dressing Guide.  What can you get from this bonus book?  Well, you might be interested in being a full time woman and totally have an identity change.  This is the book for you. This book would be giving you idea as to where exactly you can get dependable information about changing one’s identity.  Jamie Young provided her personal reviews on these products and I, myself, believe that this should come handy with people aspiring for male to female transformations.

Girls, I can’t wait for you to get started.  I assure you that this is going to be a wonderful journey to transform you from male to female and you’ll want to distribute it to your girls yourself; just like what I’ve felt the moment I realize that this is just what I need.

Anyway, thank you for reading along.

All the best,

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