Watercress and Breast Enhancement

Watercress is originally a perennial from southern Europe that has long been cherished for its revival forces.


General information about Watercress

    • This delicate cress is rich in Vitamins A, C and D vitamins. Grown indoors as plain cress and outdoors in a shady and quite moist, lime-rich site, preferably standing in water. It may never dry out; it enables itself well in ordinary garden soil.
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  • This plant is suitable to grow in the greenhouse early and late in the season. Watercress can survive the winter in the south. When fully grown, it can get 10 centimeters in height.
  • Harvest time in cool weather, then the watercress has a milder flavor and improved durability.
  • 1g is ca. 5000 seeds. One portion is enough for many hundreds of plants. One serving contains about 600 seeds.
  • It has a delicious, pungent, peppery taste and is an excellent alternative to lettuce in a salad bowl or on a sandwich.

What’s great about Watercress?

  • Watercress can counteract the damage caused by free radicals and is rich in vitamin C.
  • This delicate  yet powerful plant is derived from Europe and Asia. It is known as one of the oldest known leaf vegetables eaten by humans. It is rich in iron, minerals and vitamin C. It is highly recommended to purify the blood and cleanse the skin (hence its used in treating eczema and some dermatitis). Some health nuts would say that watercress is also for blood diseases.
  • According to the discoveries that researchers have made the University of Ulster (published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition), reduce the daily dose of watercress DNA damage and increases the ability of cells to resist damage caused by free radicals.

How does Watercress help with natural breast enhancement?

Not only there are many studies shown that Watercress has skin-enhancing/healing properties, this leafy vegetable can also help with gynecological disorders and problems. It has also been used to promote better production of milk in nursing mothers. This makes it one of the best natural breast enhancement herbs as it contains great level of natural female hormone and has been reported to promote natural breast growth.

So next time you make a sandwich or salad, add a handful of watercress. Mix the watercress with the lemon juice, oil and salt and serve with baked potatoes. Alternatively, you can choose to take herbal supplements that include Watercress extract as one of the active ingredients, such as Total Curve system.

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