Write A Weight Loss Journal To Stay Motivated

weight loss journal


Many people seem to have difficulties when it comes to enhancing their motivation levels. However motivation levels will vary from one person to another. Some struggle to find the best ways to enhance their motivation while others end up giving up so easily. If you are facing such difficulties and you are not responding to this serious matter accordingly, you may end up losing your hopes in life. As we all know, motivation is what keep us going strong as we work hard to reach our goals. Therefore if you are not motivated enough to face challenges as you crave for success, you need a game plan.

The best way to enhance your motivation levels is using a journal. The best thing about a journal is that it is something you can turn back to when you need something to lift your spirit. Now that you get the idea, you need to ask yourself how you can journal effectively and enhance your motivation levels.

Taking pictures

Pictures create good memories. Most people find it much easier to get motivated by good memories and that is why they go through older pictures when things get tough. Pictures remind you of whom you were before and where you have reached up to now. This means you can easily capture your progress by adding pictures to your journal. Without pictures, it can be difficult to notice your progress just by staring at your body in front the mirror. As you go through your pictures from time to time you will see clearly how you have worked and the changes you have made. The sense that your hard work doesn’t go to waste will motivate you to work even harder. Feel free to add as many pictures as possible in your journal.

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Note down the weight you have lifted

Lifting weight is one of the best ways to build muscle and drop some fat. If you are doing this type of exercise, make sure you note down every weight lifted in every exercise. This will help you establish your progress in the overall body exercise program. If you want this technique to work effectively make sure you do not ignore any changes in your body that come as a result of your work outs; this includes the strength gained. Sometimes you may find that you have not dropped much weight as expected but just by gaining strength, you will get motivated by the fact that you have built extra muscles along the way. This will give you courage to exercise more in regard that you are making few remarks in the long run.

Note down your feelings each day

Sometimes you may feel angry, frustrated, confused or comfortable. It is important to write down this kind of feelings on your journal if you want to learn how to deal with them. This way, you can control your behavior and reaction to any king of thought or feeling. For instance, there are times you feel sad and confused and you find yourself developing a habit of eating a lot of food to control these kind feelings. This behavior can possibly be controlled by seeing a counselor or working on your social life. A journal will help you realize all these things so that you can take proper actions and improve your lifestyle instead of going through the same difficulties over and over again.

As you can see, it is possible to increase your daily motivation and gain enough courage to commit yourself to your daily routines and special programs by using a journal as your motivator. An effective journal will lead you to achieving your goals as long as you practice good diet, an effective workout program and a reliable appetite suppressant like Phen 375 (Read more here: https://getcurvynow.com/weight-loss/supplement/phen375-review/).

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