GetCurvyNow’s Guide to Your Weight Loss New Year Resolution 2017

(The weight loss guide and information here was written in 2014 but is still relevant today!)

If you have been indulging yourself this holiday (which most of us have), we probably have one thing in common. And that is a New Year resolution to drop… pounds before spring.

The chances are it has always been one of the to-do things every year that never gets done. If this sounds familiar then guess you’re in for a treat. This guide is going to make 2014 a different year for you.


Set a Good Resolution and Accomplish It Easily

If your resolution sounded something like get thin by spring, it’s likely going to end up like many years before. The key is to be specific with what you want both in terms of what you want to achieve, and the time frame.

How to be specific

  • Set the time and how much weight/body fat you want to lose. The goal has to also be realistic to you. There is no right or wrong; you just have to know yourself and your body.
  • Make the goal meaningful. Elaborate on the reason why you want to lose weight, e.g. you want to be able to fit into the size 8 for your best friends’ wedding by March 2014, or you want to lose 10 pounds by April so you can join a beach volleyball team the upcoming summer, etc. The reasons for your wanting will be great motivations to help you reach your goals.

Go About It With Positive Attitude

  •  It is frustrating sometimes I know. When it comes to wanting something you don’t have now it can drive you a little crazy or upset. But that’s never going to move you towards your goal. Because the more upset you are, the more likely you’re going to want to give up.
  • It is time for you to approach this with the right mindset. Surely every time you step on a scale wishing the number had dropped and it hasn’t you get upset. So my advice to you is, don’t keep measuring how much you weight. Instead, keep measuring how good you feel that you’re moving towards your goal. If you can, find a picture of a celebrity (not the sickly skinny one please!), and put it up on a mirror or something. Be inspired by that instead of demotivated.  Be happy that you’re taking steps towards looking like that, no matter how small the steps are. Eventually, you will get there sooner than you think.

Make an announcement and stay motivated

  • You don’t have to tell everyone you meet about it; just share it with friends and family whom you know are supportive and caring.
  • If you wish to make your resolution even more public just so that you feel more committed to your goal, you can start by sharing it here in the comment section below or on our page: There is nothing I love more than seeing your success stories. I’ll personally be answering your questions and be there for you along the way.

Now comes the action-taking parts

Planning will save you a lot of time and from a lot of headache. But it doesn’t have to be all end all. Have fun with it. Remember that you should enjoy the journey towards your goal. That’s my key advice to any kind of success.lose weight before valentines 2014

With that said, whenever something comes up and you feel like you need a helping hand or a guide, or simply just want to talk, go here and post in the comment and I will reply to you as soon as possible…

Damage Control

So you might have let loose a little bit during the holidays. (If you get to read this before the holidays is over, then good for you because these tips work!)  Don’t beat yourself up on that. Instead, do some damage control. It doesn’t matter if the effort you are going to be putting in here is minimal. A little goes a long way.  It’s more about you feeling good and doing something about it.

  • Do some light weight lifting whenever you can. Don’t do the cardiovascular exercise just yet(running, spinning class and all that pumps your heart rate up). It’s more about boosting your metabolism and strength before you want to do the cardio. The more muscles you have, the less time you need on that treadmill machine. Well, that doesn’t exactly mean you will need only 2 minutes on it, it means you won’t have to run as long to burn the same amount of calories.
  • No carbs or minimal carbs for at least 2 days a week. You should make 2 days a week where you don’t eat any bread, noodles, potatoes, cake, or any sweet at all. This will get you to drop the weight and lose body fat very quickly.
  • Do not starve yourself. It’s never going to work. Crash diet (Starving yourself) is the worst thing you can do to your body and your weight loss progress.  Not only is it bad for your health, it’s also going to slow down your metabolism and ruin it all for you.
  • Now starving and fasting are two different things. Starving yourself is when you allow yourself to eat so little (next to nothing) over a long period of time hoping to get thin, while fasting is only for short period of time (usually 1-3 days) to reset your system. You should drink plenty of water when you do fasting to cleanse out the toxins that slow down your fat burning process as well.
  • Do check out GetCurvyNow’s ultimate weight loss guide and take action!


  • You should make your entertainment areas like your TV zone or your reading zone food free areas
  • Download a Ground Miles Apps on your phone and start doing some walks. Then try to do at least 1000 steps a day (0.5-1 mile).
  • Eat fish once a week, 3 servings of veggies a day
  • Choose high-fiber cereals. Add bananas or raisins for the taste! Add NO sugar or syrup in your cereal!
  • Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water each day.

If you can do all this I promise you that you will begin to feel incredible within 5 days, and you will lose the holiday weight before the upcoming Valentine’s.

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