Can You Put Your Faith in Weight Loss Tea?


Overview of Herbal Tea and Weight Loss

Oolong tea for weight loss

Herbal teas and weight loss have for a very long time now been connected. When it comes to dealing with weight problems, the main thing is often about burning more calories than one is consuming. Sadly, this is the part where many people experience trouble and end giving up on their weight loss goals and aspirations.

Reducing your caloric intake can leave one with very low energy levels, can lead to mood swings, hunger pangs and such like things. The good news is that hunger pangs and mood swings can often be controlled by using the tea for this purpose.

Weight Loss Tea

Note that there are so many different types of teas for weight loss, all sold in different varieties. These include herbal teas, green teas, Oolong tea, Chinese teas to mention but a few. All these different types of teas have proven quite effective in successful weight loss and overall weight management.

chinese weight loss tea

The most popular, though, are herbal teas. Luckily, the market has a wide variety of herbal teas meaning you will be lost for options when looking for sustainable weight management solutions. This is because they accelerate the pace at which calories and fat are burned, thus speed up the overall weight loss process.

Advantages of Herbal Teas

As the name may suggest, these teas come from herbs, meaning they are all natural. Like all other natural products, you can rest assured that they do not contain any harmful ingredients; hence there are no adverse side effects of use.

  • They are designed to accelerate metabolism
  • Cleanse the body off harmful toxins
  • Help with easy absorption of good fats and foods
  • Increase energy in the body
  • Increase digestion
  • Fight disease causing organism including harmful bacteria and viruses

Types of Herbal Teas

Here is a list of a few of the many herbal teas for weight loss that health experts, doctors and even celebrities have endorsed over the years.

  1. Rooibos herbal tea – Loosely translated to mean “red bush”, this is one of the top rated tea that has been in existence for a considerable period of time. It has proven effect in not only helping with weight management but also slowing down the process of aging. This it does effectively, by destroying free radicals that cause premature aging. It is also a natural appetite suppressant meaning it will help curb bad eating habits that may contribute to binge eating, which ultimately leads to uncontrolled weight.
  2. Cinnamon tea – Second on the list of effective weight loss tea is cinnamon tea. When some bit of honey is added to it, it helps reduce cholesterol; control blood sugar levels, kills harmful bacteria and accelerates your metabolism to help create a perfect environment for natural weight loss.
  3. Ginger tea – This is arguably the easiest tea to make at home, and it happens to be the most affordable as well. It lowers cholesterol levels in the body, increases metabolism to help expend fat, boosts the immunity, and improves digestion.
  4. Ginkgo Biloba tea – Facilitates effective flow of blood in the body, has antioxidant properties that help fight disease, improves memory and vision, boosts the immunity, accelerates metabolism, and with the improved flow of blood in the body, it creates a perfect environment for the body to lose weight faster.
    Ginkgo Biloba

    Ginkgo Biloba

  5. Yerba mate tea – It is believed to have the ability to boost the metabolic rate, improve the nervous system, cleanse the blood, etc. These are just a few of the great benefits of Yerba mate tea. It has also proven effective when it comes to obesity, controlling headache, mood swings, fatigue, stress, hemorrhoids, arthritis, all which are directly or indirectly related to excess weight.
  6. Acai Berry tea – Endorsed by celebrities and TV personalities including Dr. Oz and Oprah, Acai Berry tea has so many great benefits both for weight loss and general well being. Fortifies the heart, improves the cardiovascular system, is a perfect anti-aging tea, lowers cholesterol levels in the body, and curbs appetite.
  7. Ginseng Tea – This has been used since time immemorial to control blood sugar levels in the body, reduce cancer risks, boost immunity, and lower bad cholesterol. It is believed to help control binge eating.
  8. Licorice Root tea – Many people love this tea because of its aromatic taste and because it has proven effective for weight loss. It is also ideal for people with constipation, arthritis, bronchitis, and inflammation. Helps reduce food cravings, particularly cravings for sweets.
  9. Nettle tea – Helps boost thyroid function, which accelerates the pace at which fats and calories are burnt. It also helps get rid of mucus in the colon, thus allowing for a good cleansing and evacuation.
  10. Dandelion Tea – It is effective in ensuring the gallbladder, kidney and liver are functioning at their best, helps with body detoxification, improves digestion, and improves metabolism.

    dandelion flower

  11. Fennel tea – It is believed to work as an appetite suppressant, helps with constipation, and improves energy.
  12. Hibiscus tea – Perfect for helping you shed off pounds because of its ability to reduce the absorption of redundant fats, has antioxidant properties, cleanses the body off unwanted fat, lowers blood pressure, and boosts metabolism.
  13. St John’s wort tea – Known to increase serotonin levels in the brain, thus work on your mood swings and have a feel-good effect, helps improve sleep quality, helps with insomnia cases, and also acts as an appetite suppressant.
  14. Oolong tea – This herbal tea has proven effective in weight management because it contains significant amounts of caffeine which help improve the metabolic rate; thus makes weight management very easy. It increases energy levels in the body, thus one is able to burn more fat and calories.


As is evident, all the above mentioned herbal teas have many other benefits in the body in addition to losing the unwanted body fat and weight. When complemented by a well balanced diet, regular exercise and the recommended 8 glasses of water, no doubt weight will become manageable and the weight loss results will be sustainable in the long run.

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