Winter Beauty and Makeup Trends

With the winter season fast approaching, many women are looking for the perfect winter makeup and beauty trends. Some women are looking for their perfect winter makeup look for an upcoming Christmas party. However, some women will simply be looking to keep their skin glowing and fresh throughout the winter months. Whatever the reason, the of Allure has several suggestions for the best look during winter.

Winter Makeup for Lips and Cheeks

Makeup trends for this winter are bold and bright. If a new look is desired for an upcoming company Christmas party, do not expect pale colors that will go unnoticed. For medium to dark skin, choose bright reds (think stop sign red) or coral colors for lipstick. For light to beige complexions, lipstick should be even brighter. Choose hot pink or bright red colors with a blueish undertone.

The winter makeup for blush is equally bold; however, technique is important. Winter makeup colors for cheeks range from fuchsia on light complexions to coral for darker complexions. But the key is to make it look like the blush enhances the smile. To accomplish this, apply blush lightly on the apples of the cheeks. Some skin is prone to dullness, especially in the winter months. Using this technique for cheeks will help dull winter skin come alive.

Winter Makeup for Eyes and Nails

Keeping with the beauty trend for lipstick, eyes and nails should be equally as bold. Eyes should be noticeable without seeming overdone. The winter trend is to choose eye shadow in the burgundy family. Allure suggests a chocolate eyeshadow that has a hint of a wine color.

For nails, the winter trend is very simple: brick red. Choosing a brick red polish provides the nails with a neutral look that balances the other winter makeup suggestions. The brick red color is strong, but has a warmth that will help bring a glow to winter skin.

Winter Beauty Essentials

A common thread among all winter beauty needs is how to deal with dry skin. Many people experience drier skin in the winter because of dry heat and little moisture in the air. Women should choose a facial cleanser that is non-foaming during the winter months. And for moisturizer, it is important to choose one that holds water in the skin. Allure suggests that women look for the follow ingredients in a facial moisturizer:

  • glycerin
  • ceramides
  • stearic acid
  • fatty acids
  • strong humectant

Winter is a great time for women to try new beauty and makeup looks. There are new colors and techniques for the winter season that give skin a bold, fresh look while enhancing natural beauty. These beauty trends can be used for upcoming holiday events or as a fresh and new look for everyday.

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